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The Multicar logo stands on wheels and confidently drives into the future. The emblem carries deep meanings, reflecting the company’s rich history and dynamic growth. It emphasizes the practical focus of the products, aimed at creating useful and functional solutions for customers.

Multicar: Brand overview

In the heart of Waltershausen, Germany, during the 1920s, Multicar emerged as a producer of motorized utility carts. Following the tumult of World War II, the company transitioned into crafting adaptable transporters, aptly named “Mehrzweck,” or “multipurpose.” This move solidified under the umbrella of East Germany’s IFA Group.

As the Cold War unfolded, the Multicar steadily gained traction in East Germany and nations within the Eastern Bloc, emerging as a dependable utility vehicle. However, the winds of change brought about the reunification of Germany in 1990, prompting Multicar’s privatization and subsequent handover to new proprietors. A significant turn occurred in 1993 when the Hako Group acquired Multicar, which is known for its manufacturing of cleaning equipment.

Under Hako’s aegis, Multicar experienced a renaissance, with an enriched portfolio showcasing a medley of novel variants and models. Contemporary offerings like the Multicar M29 draw inspiration from the brand’s timeless design but are also interspersed with modern enhancements. With a production count surpassing 100,000 vehicles across its storied existence, Multicar stands tall as a quintessential specialty vehicle brand in Germany, symbolizing the intersection of versatility and heritage.

Meaning and History

Multicar Logo History

What is Multicar?

For nearly a hundred years, Multicar has stood as a vanguard in the niche market of specialized multi-functional transport equipment. Established in 1920 and based in Waltershausen, Germany, Multicar has demonstrated unwavering durability and dependability, consistently providing premium solutions for its clientele. Despite its small scale, Multicar has maintained a steady presence in the aggressive vehicle industry. It is the only brand to withstand the East German IFA vehicle industry and continue manufacturing its vehicles.

1920 – today

Multicar Logo

The Multicar logo features the word “Multicar” with an orange underline. The name comes from the German word “Mehrzweck,” meaning “multipurpose.” The English version of “Multicar” conveys the same idea, highlighting the vehicles’ durability and ability to perform various tasks. These vehicles transport goods for agriculture and construction, deliver people and animals, and handle various domestic and industrial jobs.

The logo’s text uses a modern, strict blue font, symbolizing reliability and technological advancement. Blue is associated with professionalism, emphasizing the company’s commitment to producing multifunctional, high-quality, and long-lasting vehicles.

The logo’s orange underline mirrors the shape of Multicar vehicles. This color was chosen because it matches the actual color of the company’s trucks. The orange hue highlights the vehicles’ working purpose, symbolizing their readiness to tackle complex tasks.

The brand name in the logo appears to move within the vehicle’s body, creating a visual effect of continuous movement. This technique emphasizes the idea of cyclicality: the company produces trucks that are in demand, ensuring its ongoing operations.

This concept became a reality: after Germany’s reunification, Multicar emerged as the only brand from East Germany that survived and continued to exist.