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Barely perceptible touches that take care of delicate and sensitive skin are felt in the company logo. The Mustela logo conveys the softness and airiness of the brand’s products. Their full compliance with medical requirements.

Mustela: Brand overview

Founder:Laboratoires Expanscience
Mustela is a French brand of beauty products for women and children. It offers biological products based on 635 patented technologies for the care of delicate skin. Founded about 70 years ago, the brand has now grown into an international company. It belongs to Laboratoires Expanscience, a pharmaceutical laboratory.

Meaning and History

Mustela Symbol

Having launched a line of products for babies and their mothers, the manufacturer focused not only on recipes for environmentally friendly cosmetics but also on its image. To do this, he used the technique of visual simplicity and internal expression, for which he chose an unpretentious and, at the same time, stylish logo. The company has only one.

The visual identification mark consists of two elements: text and graphic. The first is the brand name; the second is the convex line. The word is written in neat lowercase letters that are similar to uppercase ones. The symbols are not connected – they are located at a minimum distance from each other. The letters are streamlined, except the “l”: it looks exactly like the capital “I.”

What is Mustela?

Mustela is one of the brands owned by Laboratoires Expanscience. It specializes in dermo-cosmetic products for babies to ensure the health of their delicate skin. The product line includes various types of preparations for dry, problematic, atopic, sensitive, and dry skin. Products for pregnant women are also available. The company is located in France.

The bottom element is a small stroke to underline the word. The line is small and takes up little space – just under the central part of the name. As conceived by the designers, this is a fragment of the skin’s smooth surface after exposure to care products.

Mustela: Interesting Facts

Mustela is a brand famous for making gentle skincare products for babies, kids, and moms. It started in France in 1950 by Paul Berthomé.

  1. Long History with Skin Care: Mustela has been making skincare products for over 70 years, focusing on what’s best for babies and moms. They do extensive research to ensure that their products are safe and effective.
  2. Pioneers for Babies: Mustela was among the first to make skincare just for babies, understanding that babies’ skin needs different care than adults.
  3. Natural and Green: The brand loves using natural ingredients in its products and tries to be kind to the Earth with eco-friendly choices.
  4. Caring for Different Skin Types: Mustela knows not everyone’s skin is the same. They have special products for different types of skin, like dry or very sensitive skin.
  5. Unique Ingredients: They use their science smarts to find and use natural ingredients like Avocado Perseose® from avocados to help protect and strengthen babies’ skin.
  6. Worldwide Love: Mustela’s products are loved in over 100 countries, showing that parents everywhere trust them for their children’s skincare.
  7. Doctor Approved: Healthcare pros help Mustela make their products, which are tested through studies to ensure they’re good and safe. This makes parents feel more confident in using them.
  8. Helping Others: Mustela doesn’t just care about skin. They also do a lot to help kids and families who need it, working on projects to support child welfare worldwide.
  9. Always Innovating: The brand keeps developing new products for babies, kids, and moms, helping with stretch marks and skin care during and after pregnancy.
  10. Winning Awards: Mustela has won many awards for being top-notch in baby and mom skincare, proving they’re a leader in the field.

Mustela is about caring deeply for the baby and mom’s skin, focusing on research and natural ingredients, and making a positive impact. Parents and doctors trust and love the brand for its commitment to quality, safety, and helping others.

Font and Colors

Mustela Emblem

The emblem uses the classic lowercase typeface with an enlarged “m” that begins the word “Mustela.” It is framed as if it were a capital letter. The color of all elements is blue of the bright spectrum on a white background.

Mustela color codes

SapphireHex color:#0053b0
RGB:0 83 176 100 53 0 31
CMYK:5 100 71 22
Pantone:PMS 2935 C