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Globality and the integration of many users into a single network is the main motive of the National Broadband Network logo. The emblem contains the idea of ​​globalization, gradual accession, and growth, grouping around a single center.

National Broadband Network: Brand overview

Founded: April 2009
Founder: Australian Government
Sydney, Australia
The state corporation NBN Co Limited is developing a national telecommunications network in Australia on behalf of the Federal Government. Her project is called the National Broadband Network. The short name of the company stands in the same way. The broadband provider provides high bandwidth. Thanks to the excellent download speed, dozens of telephone network and Internet subscribers can simultaneously use NBN services.

Meaning and History

National Broadband Network Logo History

The preconditions for creating the National Broadband Network arose back in 2006 when the infrastructure project was only pre-election promises of one of the parties. Political force Labor announced that it would replace the old telephone system with copper cable and increase the wired Internet connection speed if it wins. After winning the federal elections, politicians decided to fulfill their promise and build a network using FTTN technology.

For the implementation of the project, the NBN Co Limited corporation was created, later named NBN. This mini-rebranding is reflected in everything related to the visual identity of the company.

2007 – 2015

National Broadband Network Logo 2007-2015

The Australian broadband provider emerged in 2009. It was first registered under the unique nine-digit number “A.C.N. 136 533 741 Limited”, and only a few months later received the name NBN Co Limited. The name of the corporation became the basis for the wordmark. Designers used two types of sans serif typefaces for its design: bold and regular. The fact is that “NBN” and “Co” were written together, visually separated only by a different font.

Above the dark gray lettering in the upper right corner was an abstract image of the National Broadband Network: wide, multi-colored lines that looked like they were going around an invisible ball. The ball is not simple but earthly because the graphic sign was supposed to show the telecommunications infrastructure’s global nature. The designers combined two bright shades (blue and orange) to attract attention, making a gradient transition.

2015 – today

National Broadband Network Logo 2015-present

On April 26, 2015, the company was renamed: the two-part name “NBN Co” was replaced by the simple “NBN.” Thus, she had to redesign for the first time for the logo to match the new name. But the leaders decided not to limit themselves to lowercase letters and changed the font to a round sans serif without corners.

Also, the new version uses a completely different abstraction instead of multi-colored curved stripes. Now the artists have depicted the connection in the form of blue circles. The largest one is in the middle, and all the others – the small ones – form concentric rings around it. As you move away from the center, the color intensity changes – from dark blue to light blue.

Font and Colors

National Broadband Network Emblem

The graphic symbol represents the National Broadband Network service. It can be interpreted as a cross-section of a fiber-optic wire and a connection point (large circle in the middle), from which signals radiate in all directions (concentric rings). So the NBN emblem symbolizes the national network based on FTTP, satellite, and wireless technologies.

But some criticized the new design. According to them, the Australian government spent 20 thousand dollars on the logo because it could not keep its election promises and finish creating the national telecommunications infrastructure in time. They saw this as an attempt to distract attention from the real problems of NBN.

National Broadband Network Symbol

After the rebranding, the font changed: the company name was written in bold lowercase letters with rounded sides. This text design was chosen by the designer Sven Vill-Itlüd. He also suggested using blue as a base color. There is no longer any gradient as before. But the shades still change: each next ring is lighter than the previous one.

National Broadband Network color codes

Dark Cerulean Hex color: #1c3d7a
RGB: 28 61 122
CMYK: 77 50 0 52
Pantone: PMS 294 C
Cobalt Hex color: #025196
RGB: 2 81 150
CMYK: 99 46 0 41
Pantone: PMS 2945 C
Cerulean Hex color: #0d6dae
RGB: 13 109 174
CMYK: 93 37 0 32
Pantone: PMS 7461 C
Denim Hex color: #1780c0
RGB: 63 194 204
CMYK: 60 0 23 0
Pantone: PMS 7461 C
Summer Sky Hex color: #1b9dd9
RGB: 27 157 217
CMYK: 88 28 0 15
Pantone: PMS 801 C