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It seems that the logo of National Car Rental is not standing still but constantly moving, like a car flying on the road. This impression is created by the smooth elements that designers use for the brand’s emblem. They managed to express the dynamics and speed.

National Car Rental: Brand overview

Founded: August 27, 1947
Founder: Enterprise Holdings
Clayton, Missouri, United States
National Car Rental is an American car rental agency. It was founded on August 27, 1947. Today, the headquarters is located in Clayton, Missouri. Enterprise Holdings own trademark rights. The agency pays special attention to regular customers who may not fill out rental forms at every interaction because the Emerald Club loyalty program is available to them. If the company had only 60 car rental points at the time of its creation, today, their number is approaching 2500.

Meaning and History

National Car Rental Logo History

Visual recognition of the brand is extremely high among residents of the United States because every year, tens of millions of citizens of this country, as well as tourists, use the services of National Car Rental. For all the time, two logos were presented to the target audience, in which a verbal inscription and a logo were combined.

What is National Car Rental?

This is one of the most famous companies that provide customers with car rental services in the United States. Has more than 70 years of work in the market, and the number of points continues to grow from year to year. Today, you can rent a car of any class in all states of America.


National Car Rental Old Logo

The company has used the original version of the logo for a long time. It consisted of a wordmark and an emblem located on the left. It was made in black and white and visually associated with the waving flag of the United States.

If we talk about the verbal inscription, then it is made in two lines. The first had the word “National” written on it. It is in a classic italic, bold sans-serif font. The straight and elegant lines in the letters look confident and are easy to read on any surface. On the second line was written “Car Rental.” The distance between these words is minimal, and therefore it may seem that it does not exist at all. The lines in the letters are much thinner, and the font itself has been slightly changed. It is very similar to Helvetica. Therefore, initially, the logo may seem to have not two but three elements.

It is worth noting that this version of the logo is often used in two color palettes, namely black and white and green and white. This National Car Rental logo version is as concise and memorable as possible. This was made possible thanks to a memorable and voluminous inscription and an exact analogy between car rental and the American market.


National Car Rental New Logo

The only redesign made the logo as concise as possible. Now the name consisted solely of the word “National,” which was completely repeated in style and font of writing. The emblem remained unchanged but slightly reduced in size. It is worth noting that the emblem is often used as a badge or icon on cars that are available for rent and on the official website and other sites where the company conducts advertising promotions.

Font and Colors

National Car Rental Emblem

The wordmark combines bold and regular font, which is as close as possible to Helvetica. Also, all the letters in the title are slanted slightly to the right, which indicates the use of italics. In general, the agency’s name is perfectly readable on any surface, so there should be no problems placing the logo on any surface.

National Car Rental Symbol

The main color palette for the National Car Rental logo is green and white. Moreover, slightly different shades of green are used in the emblem and the title block. As an alternative, a black and white color palette is used.

National Car Rental color codes

Yellow Green Hex color: #8ed50b
RGB: 142 213 11
CMYK: 33 0 95 16
Pantone: PMS 375 C
Spanish Green Hex color: #048542
RGB: 4 133 66
CMYK: 97 0 50 48
Pantone: PMS 355 C