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National Geographic Logo

National Geographic Logo
National Geographic Logo PNG

National Geographic is the National Geographic Society’s brand. It covers several areas at once, including popular science TV channels. The Society was founded in 1888 by American researchers, academics, and the elite. Giving it a name, the creators did not limit themselves to the literal meaning of the word “geography” and meant different disciplines.

Meaning and History

National Geographic Logo History
Evolution of the National Geographic Logo

What is National Geographic?

National Geographic is a TV channel and magazine owned by a society of the same name. It deals with issues of flora and fauna, scientific discoveries, history, culture, nature in all its manifestations.

The National Geographic logo was designed by specialists from the Chermayeff & Geismar branding agency. They had a specific task: to portray something neutral, suitable for every area of โ€‹โ€‹the scientific association’s activities – from publishing films to protecting the environment. This is how the famous brand name was born, adapted to all community trademarks.

1997 – 2001

National Geographic Channel Logo 1997-2001

The debut logo consists of two parts: a text and an icon to the inscription’s left. It looks like an elongated rectangle and looks like a standard magazine or window. It is because the designers have played up the name of society as a “window to the world.” The yellow lines are wide. In height, they are comparable to the adjacent phrase “National Geographic Channel.” The lettering is arranged in three rows and a serif typeface.

2001 – 2005

National Geographic Channel Logo 2001-2005

During this period, changes affected the form of the name. The top and middle sections of National Geographic remain the same, while the bottom Channel has a dividing line and a different writing style. As a result, she lost her serifs and became half the size.

2005 – 2016

National Geographic Channel Logo 2005-2016

Management approved a new logo with a revised sans serif font. The designers removed the demarcation line between the parts, returned the word “Channel” to its original size, and highlighted it in gray.

2016 – present

National Geographic Logo 2016-present

Since National Geographic is a digital and satellite channel and a society of the same name, a publishing house, a magazine, and a series of travel guides, the administration decided to unify the logo. With an updated version, it now fits everything at the same time. To do this, the developers removed the word “Channel.”

Font and Color of the Emblem

National Geographic Emblem

The logo was updated several times, but the main elements remained in place: on the left – a large white rectangle with a yellow frame, on the right – the full name of the brand, written in a standard font. Most often, the changes concerned the design of the text: it was black and gray, and three-line, and with a horizontal line. The current version contains the phrase “National Geographic,” split into two lines and a sans serif typeface.

Trying to come up with a universal logo, the designers unwittingly immortalized National Geographic magazine in it. First, the rectangle was shaped like a page format. Secondly, yellow was once associated with the magazine, according to a survey conducted by Chermayeff & Geismar. And the reason is quite banal: wide yellow stripes around the perimeter surrounded the print edition’s cover.

National Geographic Symbol

Previous versions of the logo used a serif font. Now they are gone – the brand name is written in the Stone Sans SemiBold typeface. The color scheme includes yellow (for the rectangular frame), black (for the letters), and white (for the background).