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The Natuzzi logo is classic and rather understated. There are no unnecessary details that distract the eye. Due to this, he emphasizes solid status and authority. The picture puts a direct and expressive emphasis on the brand name, which in the context of visual identity means its special status in its niche. Elitism is reflected in every detail. The basic coloring emphasizes timelessness and professionalism, the straight, neat lines of the font symbolize adherence to principles, and the absence of decorative details directly emphasizes high quality.

Natuzzi: Brand overview

Founder:Pasquale Natuzzi
Santeramo in Colle, Italy

Natuzzi is a renowned Italian luxury furniture manufacturer that operates globally. It is known worldwide for its incredibly stylish and high-quality products that can become part of even the most extravagant interior. Each chair, accessory, sofa, or other furniture piece is made here under the strict guidance of experienced designers.

Natuzzi is a unique furniture house with an interesting history. Currently, the company produces exclusive furniture made from high-quality materials. But, at the beginning of the journey, it was a small workshop that produced a limited number of products. Even then, the founders headed to create an elite brand, and they did it perfectly. Ambitious plans were also fixed at the level of the visual concept.

The first steps toward creating a large furniture manufacturer were taken in 1959. The young master Pasquale Natuzzi and his partners founded a small workshop where armchairs and sofas were made. Later, production expanded, and a few years later, the company moved to Santeramo in Cola (where the modern headquarters are located). It was here that an active stage of development began, which continues to this day.

Meaning and History

Natuzzi Symbol

Natuzzi’s corporate identity looked strict and, at the same time, affirmative. The icon was taken as the basis, which a well-known furniture company still uses. It can be easily recognized by its characteristic minimalist style and lack of graphic symbols. The choice of laconic design was explained for several reasons at once. It symbolized prestige, favorably emphasized product exclusivity, and was relevant regardless of changing trends.

The company continues to use a beautiful clean logo, symbolizing customer focus, high-quality products, and an exclusive Italian style. The main element of the laconic composition is the original inscription denoting the company’s name. Natuzzi has a simple and rather stylish font. It is characterized by well-defined lines, a lack of serifs, and straight cuts.

What is Natuzzi?

Natuzzi is the name of one of the world’s best brands in the furniture industry. It is very popular and the only furniture company listed on Wall Street. Other features include the Italian origin (Puglia region) and the production of unique luxury models that are of incredibly high quality. The brand catalog contains different types of armchairs and sofas, as well as a large number of accessories for living rooms. The production scale is impressive – the company has more than 5 thousand employees.

The chosen style reflects several fundamental principles that Natuzzi focuses on in its activities. Chief among them is professionalism. The company employs exclusively qualified employees who create real furniture masterpieces. Absolutely everything is harmonious in them, from small fixtures to the design. The quality of such models meets the highest standards.

Another important principle is stability and respect for traditions. This is manifested in the universal font style, which has not changed since its inception, and the classic coloring. But, the style of letters, in this case, is not as simple as it seems. In some details, the desire for innovation and improvement is also noticeable.

Font and Colors

Natuzzi Emblem

The Natuzzi logo is unremarkable at first glance. But, the designers have laid a deep meaning that the well-known brand wants to convey to its potential customers. It lies in a responsible attitude to work, the value of quality, and strict production requirements. Features are demonstrated through a special font, the absence of unnecessary details in the composition, and the basic colors that are always relevant.

The font used to decorate the word Natuzzi has one striking feature – it harmoniously combines rounded and sharp shapes. The chosen solution means courage, readiness for decisive action, and a flexible approach to implementing new solutions. It is due to this that the company was able to become so popular. She was open to new opportunities, but at the same time, she used her exclusive developments.

In addition, the font is characterized by the absence of serifs and straight lines. These features make it possible to attribute it to the modern fonts category denoting innovation and development. The company’s strengths are also reflected in the elegant base colors. Black color is a symbol of authority, uniqueness, and high status. White completes this list with honesty and reliability.

Natuzzi color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C