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There is a lot of childish playfulness in the company’s visual image. At the same time, the Nesquik logo also conveys a serious approach to production and care for the health of babies. All products of the company are produced under strict control in order to bring only joy to children.

Nesquik: Brand overview


Nesquik is one of the brands of the Swiss Nestlé concern, specializing in children’s sweet food products. The range includes:

  • Powders – making milk drinks with chocolate, banana, and strawberry flavors.
  • Syrups – with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors, as well as their mixes.
  • Prepared drinks – different variants of chocolate milk and shakes.
  • Products – bars, cereal, chocolate, Milk, Slice cake.

In addition to the product line, the company has released chocolate fountains. Nesquik products are distributed in 180 countries. The demand for the line is high, so Nestle’s facilities are used for production and the facilities of foreign firms under contract.

Meaning and History

Nesquik Logo History

The brand originated in 1948 as a chocolate mixture for making cocoa quickly. It was enough to add a couple of spoonfuls of powder to the milk for the result. It was so named: Quik (quick) – a quick chocolate drink from Nestlé.

The brand has been associated with children’s delicious breakfasts and snacks almost from the very birth. Therefore, the visual mark never betrayed the pleasant “baby” colors and dynamic lettering as it evolved.

1948 – 1974

Nestle's Quik Logo 1948

The first logo was designed after the launch of the product in America. A discreet white background was chosen as a symbol of the beginning. And two words were used. The upper left corner indicates the producing company with its special trademark lettering of the letter N – Nestle’s. This was important for the product’s popularity since Nestlé by then had a rich history in the market. And its mention would have attracted the attention of customers. The second word on the logo is the name of the powder itself: Quik. It is centered and written at an angle from the bottom up, which was meant to symbolize the development and the way to the top. Together, the word combination translated as Nestlé’s Quirk.

Given that the product was aimed at children and their parents, they made the words in color. However, the concern’s logo itself was black and white for a long time. For the Nestlé word, a pleasant burgundy was chosen, an indicator of confidence and conservatism, to inspire confidence in parents. The word Quik is in deep and soft blue, which symbolizes knowledge and mental development, and is especially appropriate for children. The presence of blue and red in the logo was also subconsciously associated with the fact that the product is suitable for boys and girls.
The “quirk” was hinted at by the elongated and exposed leg of the letter K.

1974 – 1983

Nestle Quik Logo 1974

The product spread around the world. The concept of its promotion and advertising was already precisely defined, and the target audience (children) was studied and prescribed. Therefore the informational message finally shifted towards the younger audience. The name of the powder was corrected, turning it into Nestle Quik. The emphasis was made on how quickly and easily Nestlé drinks can be made. A child could manage it when his mother wasn’t around. Animated characters appeared for advertising: the Quicky bunny, the Grockey (a fat Kik that looks like a hippo), and the kangaroo Kangurik. The logo acquired a bright, cheerful yellow background, and the letters became more fluid and rounded. All the changes matched the purpose and attracted children’s attention as much as possible.

1983 – 1988

Nestle Quik Logo 1983

The brand lineup began to expand. In 1981 syrups were introduced. They could be added to milk and children’s drinks, and coffee. Therefore, the logo was slightly corrected to be suitable for adult audiences as well. The yellow background was made muted—the producing company’s name and the product – in a single blue color. The emphasis (white outline) is on the word “Quik” so that the product is associated with easy and quick preparation, which is important for busy people. The white color of the lettering is also a hint of novelty.

1988 – 1998

Nestle Quik Logo 1988

The company tries to expand its product range further. New flavors of milk powders are introduced (cherry, mango, creamy). Therefore the message of the logo is tweaked. The new look of the logo is aimed at associations with milk and products for young children. A soft red and blue, white milky background, an airy white cloud with a soft blue frame in the form of the word Quik, on which the name itself ‘floats.’

1998 – 2002

NesQuik Logo 1998

A couple of years after the appearance of Nestle Quik, the creators discovered that the mix of words (Nesquik) sounds much more original. Therefore, two years after the presentation of instant drinks, they gradually introduced a new variant. In 1999 the brand name Nesquik completely superseded Nestle Quik. This entailed a change in the famous rabbit. It gained a new image thanks to cartoonist Ramon Casañez and became Nesquik. The brand also expanded its range, starting with children’s breakfast cereals and adding other sweet products. The logo has also changed.

NesQuik replaced the familiar word, Quik. The capital letter Q was retained to help customers in North America, Australia, and Mexico get oriented faster (in Europe, the beverage was initially introduced as Nesquik). The name was made brighter, in deep blue. The wide white outline of the letters attracted even more attention.

A rich yellow background returned to the emblem, as the new range was suitable for children of all ages.

2002 – 2017

Nesquik Logo 2002

Three years later, when all markets were used to the brand renewal, the main international logo was developed, combining the main idea of the Nesquik brand. It was used for many years.

The uppercase Q became uppercase. The name got big blue “cartoon” letters with white highlights, outlines, and shadows. It was placed on a cheerful bright lemon background. The whole emblem was associated with children’s products. It showed that they add color, flavor, and joie de vivre to food, even white milk.

2018 – 2020

Nesquik Logo 2018

In 2015, the production company changed the color of its logo to blue. This happened for the first time in Nestle’s 160-year history. And the Nesquik logo acquired the same gamut. During this period, the company had many complaints about a large amount of sugar in products (up to 7 teaspoons in 1 glass of a drink). Given the widespread fight for healthy lifestyles and WHO standards, the company decided to revise the formulation starting in 2017, reducing the figure by half. Letters with a gradient from blue to blue and a white shadow were supposed to show the change in the brand to greater safety.

2020 – today (bottles)

Nesquik Logo 2020

In all logo versions, the brand name was angled, pointing upward. On the new logo, the word Nesquik is written straight up. This shows that the brand has reached the peak of its development. It looks confidently into the future and stands firmly on its feet. Only a slight italicization now hints at a move forward.

The name of the concern has moved from the top left corner to the center and is directly above the brand name. Thus, the logo looks more harmonious and compact. The white outline of the letters was removed. The only color is dark blue, reminding of the Swiss lakes, the country where Nestlé’s fast cocoa appeared.

2023 – today

Nesquik Logo

In late March 2023, Nesquik introduced a new logo designed by London-based company FutureBrand. It was created as part of a global update that affected packaging and the mascot. The wordmark has barely changed since the whole thing was not about it but about the rabbit Quicky, whose smiling head adorns the yellow labels. The manufacturer of cocoa, ice cream, and candies decided to adapt the iconic character to the digital age to attract the attention of the younger generation.

At the same time, the packaging design was simplified to make it more noticeable on store shelves and more appealing to children. The dark blue logo immediately catches the eye thanks to its rich color, which stands out on the soft yellow background. The font with rounded edges and smooth curves adds warmth and friendliness. However, the word “Nesquik” is now written in straight letters rather than italics. Some of the letters are connected, as if holding hands. The elongated drop above the “i” has acquired an egg-shaped form as designers softened the pointed part. As for the classic wordmark “Nestle,” it is shifted to the left and is primarily above the “e” and “s.”

Font and Colors

Nesquik Emblem

The main colors of the logos are blue, blue, white, and yellow, which are also predominant on the packages of all Nesquik products. Their brightness attracts attention and shows the children’s orientation of the brand.

  • Blue is the color of the sky, dreams, and early childhood.
  • Blue is a symbol of vigorous mental activity, which Nestlé’s delicious and healthy products should increase.
  • Yellow is joy. Snacks and breakfasts warm up, fill with energy, help to have fun all day long, and bring back good spirits in case of fatigue.
  • White – milk, novelty, goodness, and naturalness.

Nesquik Symbol

The font is similar to Arial Rounded MT Bold.

Nesquik color codes

Phthalo BlueHex color:#011689
RGB:0 22 137
CMYK:100 84 0 46
Pantone:PMS 2738 C