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Nest Logo

Nest Logo
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The Nest is a brand of smart electronic products for home monitoring and human interaction. It offers household products such as smartwatches, smart speakers, smart displays, smart locks, smart cameras, routers, smoke detectors, thermostats, security systems. The brand was founded in 2010 by two engineers – Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers. It was first owned by Nest Labs and later became the property of Google LLC.

Meaning and History

Nest Logo History
Evolution of the Nest Logo

What is Nest?

It is a subsidiary of Google. Various equipment for a smart home is produced under the Nest brand: locks, doors, cameras, detectors, thermostats, and much more. The devices are Wi-Fi capable, equipped with sensors, and are capable of self-learning.

This is a very interesting and innovative brand, one of the first to offer a programmable and self-learning electronic product – Nest Learning Thermostat. The device has Wi-Fi support and monitors indoor heat savings. It learns the activities, lifestyles, and schedules of the house owners, independently adjusting the on / off of heating and cooling systems. Since moving to Google, the brand has expanded its range of smart products to include speakers, clocks, locks, displays, cameras, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Over the entire period of its existence, the brand has undertaken several optimizations of the production process: it has continuously improved and increased the list of its products. In 2012, the Internet giant acquired it for more than $ 3 billion. At that time, the company employed about 130 employees, and at the end of 2014, there were already 280 of them, and a year later – 1100.

In 2018, the service ceased to exist as a separate independent business and was fully incorporated into the Google division structure, having received its current name. The most significant steps in her career were reflected in the logos, of which she has two.

2010 – 2018

Nest Labs Logo 2010-2018

The very first emblem of the company dates back to the period when it was Nest Labs – an independent production and trade unit with its line of technical devices. Its visual identification mark looked like simple, smooth lettering. It was a printed text with incoherent chopped letters. The symbols were streamlined, rounded, without sharp corners, except for the “e,” which had one inner corner. The letters “n,” “e,” and “s” touched at one point, while “s” and “t” smoothly flowed into each other: the end of the penultimate letter passed into the crossbar of the last one.

2018 – present

Google Nest Logo 2018-present

At this time, the Google Home brand disappeared, and the Google Nest appeared, which was reflected in the logo. Moreover, everything was renamed – not only the trademark but also every unit of goods. So the giant company has a single brand of home products. Accordingly, the Google sign appeared on the personal symbols – the bright letter “G.” It consists of several color fragments: blue, green, yellow, and red. In contrast to the catchy corporate palette, the gray color of the second half of the lettering looks faded. According to the spelling rules, the word “Nest” is written in thin lowercase characters, except “N,” which is uppercase.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Nest Emblem

The logo of the pioneering company changed in the direction of complication. If there was only one single word in the debut version, then after 2018, an icon appeared in the form of a massive letter “G” of different colors. The designers also changed the font, making it visually simpler. This change had a serious impact on the brand’s identity: its affiliation with Google was emphasized, while the native name Nest, on the contrary, became visually invisible.

First, a modified grotesque from the Akkurat family was used in the emblem. The designers cut off the tail of the letter “n,” getting the perfect streamlined semi-oval shape. The author of the sans-serif font is Swiss Laurenz Brunner, date and place of release – 2004, Lineto foundry. The modern version features a simple thin chopped typeface Fuller Sans DT.

Nest Labs Symbol

The color scheme of the logo consists of calm shades of gray (lettering) and rich tones of red, green, blue, and yellow (the letter “G,” which acts as an icon).