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The current logo of the Nevada Wolf Pack, representing athletes from the University of Nevada, is a stylized image of a blue wolf’s head. Formed in 1896, the team received the nickname “Desert Wolves,” reflected in the emotional, aggressive, growling, bold mascot.

Nevada Wolf Pack: Brand overview

Reno, Nevada, U.S.
The Nevada Wolf Pack is a sports division of the University of Nevada, located in Reno, Nevada. It comprises 15 men’s and women’s teams in basketball, football, tennis, golf, swimming, and other disciplines. Doug Knuth manages the organization. Additionally, it is part of NCAA Division I and the Mountain West Conference.

Meaning and History

Nevada Wolf Pack Logo History

This department originated a long time ago – in October 1896, and then it included only a football team. Initially, it was called the Sagebrushers in honor of the Nevada state flower. However, in the 1921/22 academic year, a local journalist named the athletes “Desert Wolves.” Since then, the nickname associated with wolves has been firmly associated with them.

What is Nevada Wolf Pack?

The Nevada Wolf Pack is a sports department that unites 15 student teams from the University of Nevada. Its participants belong to the Mountain West Conference and compete in NCAA Division I. They are based in Reno, Nevada.

2000 – 2007

Nevada Wolf Pack Logo 2000-2007

The former emblem of the Nevada Wolf Pack, belonging to the association in the early 2000s, was based on the large symbol “N.” Unlike other university teams that used capital letters in their logos, this one looked unique. The fact is that it was combined with the image of a wolf. The designers placed it inside the left vertical leg of “N.” Therefore, it seems that the animal comes out of it, like from a door, and looks forward, slightly turning its head. The beast’s ears are attentively raised.

On the right leg of “N” is written the word “Nevada,” which occupies its entire height. The letters are white, uppercase, thin, with serifs. Under the letter “N” is the bold inscription “Wolf Pack”. Unlike the first inscription, it is dark and located on a light background.

2008 – today

Nevada Wolf Pack Logo 2008-Present

In 2008, the athletes updated the logo. It now features a profile of a wolf’s head looking to the right. The drawing style, in the form of uneven wide strips forming the neck of the beast, gave the emblem dynamism and emotional tension. This is also evidenced by the wild snarl on the face with a half-open mouth, in which several sharp teeth are visible.

The animal’s ears are pressed, and its eyes are narrowed, indicating that it is more attentive to its surroundings. Above it, the word “Nevada” is drawn in an arc, written in uppercase letters with serifs. Although the appearance of the logo was radically changed, the color palette remained the same – a combination of dark blue and white.

Nevada Wolf Pack Football Logo

Nevada Wolf Pack Football Logo

Jay Norvell coaches the team. It had its debut season in 1896. Throughout the department’s existence, the football players have won 14 national championships in various conferences. They have also participated in 16 bowl competitions.

Nevada Wolf Pack Basketball Logo

Nevada Wolf Pack Basketball Logo

The men’s basketball team emerged under the name Nevada Wolf Pack in 1913. Steve Alford currently coaches it. It has participated in NCAA competitions eight times, twice reaching the “Sweet Sixteen” – in 2004 and 2018.

Nevada Wolf Pack: Interesting Facts

The Nevada Wolf Pack is a University of Nevada, Reno team. They play sports at the very top college level. They’re part of the Mountain West Conference, which means they compete against other teams in the West. They play many sports, like football, basketball, baseball, and more.

  1. Lots of Sports: They don’t just stick to one or two sports; they play a whole bunch, including football, basketball, and even swimming.
  2. Top-Level Play: They play in the USA’s NCAA Division I, the highest level for college sports.
  3. In the Mountain West: They’ve been playing in the Mountain West Conference since 2012, which includes teams from all over the western part of the country.
  4. Football History: The football team is known for being good and inventing a clever way of playing called the “Pistol Offense.”
  5. Basketball Wins: Their men’s basketball team has done well, especially in 2018 when they made it to the Sweet Sixteen in the big college tournament.
  6. Olympic Athletes: Some of their athletes have even competed in the Olympics, which is a huge deal.
  7. Fun Mascots: They have three mascots, Alphie and his siblings, Wolfie Jr. and Luna, who make games fun.
  8. Big Rivalries: Their biggest rivalry is with UNLV, especially in football, where they play for a big yearly trophy.
  9. Great Places to Play: They have awesome stadiums and arenas for their games, like Mackay Stadium for football.
  10. Smart Athletes: They ensure their players do well in school, not just in sports, which is important.

The Nevada Wolf Pack works hard to be great at sports and school, making games fun for everyone and showing how teamwork and hard work pay off.

Font and Colors

Nevada Wolf Pack Emblem

The wolf theme, reflected in the name of the Nevada Wolf Pack sports department, found direct expression in the symbolism. In all modern versions (since 2000), the image of this animal is the basis. First, it was depicted as attentive, alert, and scrutinizing, and then made aggressive, bold, daring, and growling.

Nevada Wolf Pack color codes

Spanish GrayHex color:#999999
RGB:153 153 153
CMYK:0 0 0 40
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 7 C
Dark Midnight BlueHex color:#003366
RGB:0 51 102
CMYK:100 50 0 60
Pantone:PMS 294 C