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Ice Nine Kills’ logo pierces the viewer’s body like sharp nails at just one glance. The emblem is inspired by the horror theme, which the musicians develop and creatively play within their work.

Ice Nine Kills: Brand overview

In Boston, Massachusetts, the unique musical group Ice Nine Kills, often abbreviated as INK, emerged in 2002. Friends since school, Spencer Charnas and Jeremy Schwartz founded the band. In its early years, the group experimented with ska-punk sounds, but over time their musical style evolved into metalcore. Ice Nine Kills became famous for its unique compositions, with lyrics inspired by classic horror films and literary works. The band has released six full-length albums and three EPs. In 2009, they began collaborating with Ferret Music, a significant step in their career. A key achievement was the release of the album “Safe Is Just a Shadow” in July 2010. Currently, Ice Nine Kills is part of Fearless Records.

Meaning and History

Ice Nine Kills History

The band’s logo, like its name, did not emerge immediately. Initially, the group was named Ice Nine for six years and changed to its current name in 2006 before releasing its debut album. The band members also had to work on the visual representation. The idea of a “needle-sharp” logo only came in 2009 after a complete change in the group’s lineup. Spencer’s comrade Jeremy Schwartz left, unable to withstand touring life. Therefore, Charnas invited musicians from the recently disbanded group Remember Tomorrow. They brought a new style of music, a new contract with Ferret Music, and a new logo.

What is Ice Nine Kills?

A heavy metal quintet from Boston, formed by two school friends in 2000. Spencer Charnas is the only original member of the group. The other musicians have changed several times over 23 years of creativity. The band has released six albums.

2009 – today

Ice Nine Kills Logo

The band’s emblem features the group’s name in transformed letters. The first character in Ice and the “i” in kills have turned into sharp screws, and the E resembles an ancient cleaver. The inscription elements are meticulously thought out, just like the staged performances on stage, which turn into mini-spectacles.

Each sharp object in the emblem is present in horror movies. The choice fits well with the overall spirit of the band’s songs and other marketing products. Themes of death, murder, and horror are the main directions. In many Ice Nine Kills videos, you can see a scene of the hero murdering his beloved. Interestingly, the hero and the girl are always played by Spencer and his girlfriend. The band also has a whole line of products where Disney characters are depicted as maniacs and killers. Therefore, the sharp elements, blades, and nails in the branding are completely in the band’s style.

The name itself is taken from Kurt Vonnigut’s science fiction novel Cat’s Cradle. In it, the fictional substance Ice 9 could freeze all water and cause human destruction. The band’s name is often abbreviated to INK. Interestingly, the band’s songs, especially in the last two albums, The Silver Scream 1 and 2, are based on artistic works, just like the choice of name. According to the band members, they are inspired by the adrenaline of fear, and horrors make excellent material for staged scenes.

Another interpretation of the logo is the Roman numeral 9, written in blood. Below it is an inscription in a style similar to the first. Splatters and drops scattered everywhere resemble the work of a maniac. The image is associated with the comic Ice Nine Kills: Inked in Blood, released by the band in 2021. Sometimes, the 9 in the sign is made of bones.

Font and Colors

Ice Nine Kills Emblem

The black color in the logo stems from the content of the band’s songs. Most nightmares and scary events are inspired by the dark time of day. Negative characters and evil are always associated with blackness. The band’s clips, often reflecting scenes from famous horror movies, have a dark ambiance and take place at night.

The red color in the second interpretation of the logo conveys the color of blood, which flows like a river in horror movies.

Overall, the color palette, name, and style of the group harmoniously combine, look bright, and are memorable.

Ice Nine Kills Symbol

The inscription’s font is unique due to the transformation of the letters. The word elements appear voluminous, thanks to the drawing of white highlights. The sharp ends of each symbol, like claws, fangs, or saw teeth. The style of the inscription resembles graffiti drawn in a dark alley, evoking a sense of horror.