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The Ninja logo creates an image of a trained person who knows his business and is able to make quick decisions. According to the emblem, it is difficult for rivals to compete with him since, in his actions, he is guided not by emotions but by logic and scientific data.

Ninja: Brand overview

Founder:Richard Tyler Blevins
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

Ninja is the pseudonym of Richard Tyler Blevins from the United States, a multimillionaire, professional gamer, YouTuber, philanthropist, # 1 streamer in the world, and owner of the clothing brand of the same name. He is originally from Detroit, Michigan, born on 06/05/1991 and then moved to Chicago with his family. According to Time magazine, this blogger is among the top 100 most influential people in the world. He started playing seriously in 2009. In 2021, the number of his subscribers on the Twitch channel is over 16 million users, and on YouTube – over 24 million.

After graduating from school, Richard decided to take up eSports: open his channel, play, participate in tournaments, broadcast them live in real-time and play for professional teams. He started playing in 2009, choosing Halo 3 as his platform. He was a member of various teams, including Team Liquid, Renegades, Cloud9, and others, and in 2017 he joined Luminosity Gaming.

Ninja became a real streamer in 2011 when he switched to H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Then PUBG appeared in his cyber career, which he won. But real fame came to him in 2018: it was then that he started playing the fateful Fortnite Battle Royale. In March of that year, the gamer broke the record for the number of online viewers on Twitch, collecting 635 thousand Internet users on a single stream. Then he played Fortnite against JuJu Smith-Schuster, Travis Scott, and Drake.

The broadcast prompted Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games, to host a charity tournament featuring some of the world’s most iconic streamers. Teaming up with musician Marshmello, Richard Tyler Blevins won a resounding victory in the cyber competition, gaining even more resounding fame. Therefore, it is not surprising that the next month he broke his record of views on Ninja Vegas 2018, gathering 667 thousand live viewers. The number of his subscribers on Twitch has also grown, where he now has the most popular channel.

Blevins has now risen to the level of a multi-millionaire and owner of his clothing brand without changing the logo until 2022. He uses it not only for personal purposes (as an expression of his personal “I”) but also as a marking of T-shirts and sweatshirts (like a print), which he mass-produces, which has also turned into a fashionable trademark.

Meaning and History

Ninja Logo History

Since Ninja is both a nickname, a video channel, a fashion brand, and a personal brand, Richard Tyler Blevins chose himself for the logo. He created a digital image based on personal characteristics. Therefore, the character from the emblem is remotely similar to its owner. The initial version was most optimized for a real ninja, as evidenced by the angle and bandage on the forehead. A later version reflects the main feature of the hero himself – his tousled hairstyle with turquoise-colored strands raised.

2018 – 2022

Ninja Logo 2018

The recognition of the simple Ninja logo became mega-huge. He was not only lured away by other gaming platforms but he was also paid a lot of money. Therefore, there was a time when the esportsman abandoned Twitch, choosing another similar service. Red Ball and Astralwerks signed him. He was the first in the cyber community to be featured on the cover of ESPN’s sports publication The Magazine, effectively recognizing video games as a new sporting trend. He also has many prestigious titles and awards.

Of course, the personal badge of Richard Tyler Blevins consists of a ninja image that echoes his nickname. The vertical rectangle depicts the head of a person whose face is in frontal view. The look is tense, sullenly. Instead of eyes, narrow white slits are drawn. A dark shadow falls from the putative nose on the right side of the face, indicating a nearby light source (monitor). The light flare on the hair on the left also speaks about the illumination.

The character’s hairstyle is stretched up and consists of several high strands on the top of the head, which Ninja tries to imitate in real life. His hair is tousled and raised and also dyed blue, like in the emblem. A yellow bandana is tied to his forehead. Richard also wears it in reality. It features a logo with his cyberhero. The upper part of the emblem is light blue; the lower one is dark. Under the character’s portrait are the brand name and the gamer’s nickname.

2022 – today

Ninja Logo

Ninja’s identity change brought a simple logo. This time the emphasis is not on the look and face but on an extraordinary hairstyle. The emblem consists of a distinctive mohawk, formerly popular in the subculture of punks and goths and now widespread among young people. It is depicted from the side so that the ridges are visible. There are four in total. The tops point up, and to the left, so the face is supposed to be on the right. By this hair position, one can say for sure: the owner of an extravagant hairstyle is looking forward. There is a thin white stripe at the bottom. Next comes the brand name. It is made in a custom font with thickened “I” and “J.” The letter “a” is lowercase, and the rest are uppercase. The contrast of characters creates an internal movement and conveys the dynamics of the image well.

Ninja: Interesting Facts

Richard Tyler Blevins, widely recognized as “Ninja,” has become a central figure in online streaming, gaming, and the broader digital entertainment sphere. His ascent indicates the expanding realm of esports and streaming cultures worldwide.

  1. Gaming Prodigy: Ninja’s engagement with video games began in childhood. He became professional with “Halo 3” esports tournaments in 2009. This early competitive gaming experience paved the way for his future streaming success.
  2. Ascendancy on Twitch: The surge of “Fortnite Battle Royale” in 2017 and 2018 catapulted Ninja to Twitch stardom, where his dynamic gameplay, adept skills, and charismatic presence attracted a massive following.
  3. Historic Streaming Moment: A memorable stream in March 2018 featuring Drake, Travis Scott, and JuJu Smith-Schuster broke Twitch records, drawing over 600,000 viewers at its peak, and became one of the platform’s most iconic live events.
  4. Strategic Platform Shift: Ninja’s 2019 switch to Microsoft’s Mixer in a deal reportedly worth up to $30 million marked a significant moment in live streaming. Although he returned to Twitch in 2020 following Mixer’s shutdown, his move influenced other streamers’ platform decisions.
  5. Charitable Initiatives: Ninja’s contributions extend beyond gaming; through charity streams and events, he’s raised millions for causes like mental health and cancer research, showcasing his commitment to giving back.
  6. Crossover to Mainstream Media: Ninja’s influence bridged into mainstream media, with appearances on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “Family Feud,” and making history as the first esports player on ESPN The Magazine’s cover.
  7. Launching Team Ninja: Leveraging his brand, Ninja introduced “Team Ninja,” a clothing line featuring apparel that mirrors his iconic logo and style.
  8. Ventures into Publishing: Expanding his brand, Ninja released “Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game” in 2019, a graphic novel, and “Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming,” providing insights into gaming success.
  9. Pop Culture Presence: Ninja’s cameo in “Free Guy” and voice roles in animations highlight his broad appeal and versatility beyond gaming.
  10. Record-Breaking Influence: Ninja’s achievements include several Guinness World Records, like the most followers on Twitch, underscoring his significant impact on gaming and streaming.

Ninja’s evolution from competitive gaming to becoming an emblem of digital entertainment underscores the dynamic nature of digital content and the influence of online communities, inspiring streamers and gamers globally.

Font and Colors

Ninja Emblem

For its visual identity, the streamer opted for a custom typeface. The text is grotesque with pointed “N” s, in which the right corner extends beyond the bottom border. All characters are in the upper case. “J” has an elongated crossbar, like the letter “A.” The only difference is that it goes to the left for one, while for the other, it goes to the right.

Ninja Logo


The word “Ninja” has something in common with the bandana – they are yellow. The rest of the elements are colored blue in two shades. White is also used to paint the eyes.

Ninja (streamer) Logo

After updating the identity, the Ninja logo has a different font and an individual one. Mostly, it is located in upper case, except for the letter “a.” Two of the glyphs are thickened, so they look mega-bold, while the rest of the glyphs are very thin in comparison.

Turquoise became the predominant color. It is used in its pure form – without a gradient. This choice is justified by the shade of the hair of the owner of the mohawk and the brand’s owner – Richard Tyler Blevins. He wears this hairstyle most of the time.

Ninja color codes

Vivid Sky BlueHex color:#43d2fe
RGB:67 210 254
CMYK:74 17 0 0
Pantone:PMS 312 C
BlackHex color:#000100
RGB:0 1 0
CMYK:100 0 100 100
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C