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Nintendo Logo

Nintendo Logo
Nintendo Logo PNG

Nintendo is a Japanese manufacturer of video games, consoles, and various entertainment products, including interactive shooting simulators for gamers and military personnel. The company was founded in 1889 but did not enter the consumer electronics market until 1978. Before that, it was engaged in the manufacture of card decks and children’s toys.

Meaning and History

Nintendo Logo History
Evolution of the Nintendo Logo

The Nintendo emblem has changed many times – both globally and in a minor way.

1889 – 1950

Nintendo Koppai Logo 1889-1950

The first logo appeared on playing cards. It was a rectangle with three Japanese characters that read nin, ten and do.

1950 – 1960

Nintendo Koppai Logo 1950-1960

The second brand name contained the English word “NINTENDO PLAYING CARD CO” and the pike symbol.

1960 – 1964

Nintendo Koppai Logo 1960-1964

The third emblem is the word “Nintendo” in calligraphic script with a small star instead of a dot above the “i.”

1964 – 1965

Nintendo Koppai Logo 1964-1965

The designers changed the font in the fourth logo and placed the company name inside a red rectangle.

1964 – 1967

Nintendo Koppai Logo 1964-1967

Simultaneously with the fourth version came the fifth: the word “NINTENDO,” written in bold italic sans serif letters.

1965 – 1967

Nintendo Koppai Logo 1965-1967

To simplify the sixth emblem, the developers removed the italics and made the lines not so wide.

1965 – 1970

Nintendo Logo 1965-1970

When Nintendo Playing Card Co. was renamed Nintendo, it introduced its seventh symbol – this time in a red square.

1967 – 1975

Nintendo Logo 1967-1975

For the eighth brand name, the designers used the lettering in red and used lowercase letters.

1968 – 1970

Nintendo Logo 1968-1970

The ninth logo in a hexagonal frame adorned children’s toys. In parallel with it, the tenth was used: the black inscription “NINTENDO COMPANY.”

1970 – 1975

Nintendo Logo 1970-1975

The designers approached the creation of the eleventh emblem thoroughly, replacing the hexagon with a rounded rectangle.

1973 – 1975

Nintendo Logo 1973-1975

The twelfth version with hieroglyphs was used for only two years.

1975 – present

Nintendo Logo 1975-present

In 1975, the thirteenth brand name appeared with the black word “Nintendo.” It was the only one and the main one until 1977. Now it is found only in copyright documents.

1977 – 1983

Nintendo Logo 1977-1983

For the fourteenth logo, the designers placed the lettering in a rectangle with rounded edges.

1983 – 2008

Nintendo Logo 1983-2008

When Nintendo began producing electronic games, it changed the color of the emblem to red.

2006 – 2016

Nintendo Logo 2006-2016

In 2006, the sixteenth version of the brand name was adopted – gray. The main elements remained in place.

2016 – present

Nintendo Logo 2016-present

The seventeenth Nintendo logo is white with a red rectangle frame.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Nintendo Emblem

The manufacturer’s trademark contains the word “Nintendo.” For those who do not know Japanese, it sounds like nonsense. It is based on three hieroglyphs, which are deciphered as “the temple of free hanafuda.” After all, the company’s first product was precisely hanafuda – one of the varieties of a deck of playing cards.

The logo is written in a personalized font. It features rounded sans serif letters and a small horizontal stroke at the “t.” Throughout history, the palette has changed several times. Commonly used colors are red, black, and white. The same combination is presented in the current seventeenth emblem.