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Plug and play, the Nintendo Switch logo invites. The emblem symbolizes two directions of using the console, the ability to control characters from a distance. The elements of the sign represent the game between two partners or teams.

Nintendo Switch: Brand overview

Founded:March 3, 2017
Founder:Nintendo PTD

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console released by a company of the same name. It is a tablet that can be connected as a stationary game console or as a portable gamepad. She has wireless Joy-Con sensors with familiar buttons and a joystick. Through them, tactile feedback is determined, and movement commands are given. The device can be connected to the console from two sides. The gaming device was introduced in 2016 and released in 2017. The lite version (mobile) came out in 2019. The developer is Nintendo Platform Technology Development.

The story of the Switch console began, oddly enough, with the decline of the company. The fact is that after the release of the DS and Wii game consoles in 2004 and 2006, interest in them did not last long. Because of this, Nintendo was on the verge of bankruptcy. The management first started talking about serious losses in 2012, after which they decided to revive the process and offer consumers something fresh. However, Satoru Iwata, the firm’s head, believed that if they switched to something else, they would lose their identity. Then it was decided to present a continuation of one of the existing models – Wii U. It was released in 2012. However, the novelty suffered a commercial failure.

The idea to create something completely different stubbornly hovered among the team members. And after the appearance of the reanimated old version, it even intensified. Then, Tatsumi Kimishima, Genyo Takeda, and Shigeru Miyamoto came up with a strategy to revitalize the company with the Switch concept. The unusual console was built on progressive gaming equipment with the maximum involvement of intellectual potential. Work on it intensified when Kimishima took over as president of the firm and Miyamoto became creative director.

Meaning and History

Nintendo Switch Logo History

The unusual appearance of the gadget is associated with the concept of unifying the two styles of play. For example, gamers choose portable devices in Japan because they play on the road and in social groups on the Internet. In the West, users prefer stationary devices, as they play alone at home. The Switch design is hybrid and fits both cultures. With removable controllers, the console can be connected to a TV screen or used in manual mode.

Moreover, the word “Switch” was chosen for the name not only because of the principle of switching from portable to stationary mode. It is also the idea of ​​switching to a new parallel reality – from everyday life to a bright, entertaining one. Given the importance of this principle, the designers used this word in the logo. In total, there are three variants of the logo in the history of corporate identity.

2016 (pre-launch)

NX Logo 2016

The very first logo came out during the development of the console. It was a working version, a prototype code-named NX. This is what is mentioned in the announcement trailer for Sonic Forces. The original style of the emblem echoes the design of the Wii and Nintendo eShop signs. And since this is a temporary version, not fully formed conceptually, the inscription “Switch” is absent in it. The central place is occupied by the name of the company, executed in lower case. The first letter is an exception – it is capitalized. The word “Nintendo” is in an oblong oval. Alongside, on the right, are the uppercase letters “NX.” All elements are gray in the same shade.

2017 – today

Nintendo Switch Logo 2017-present

The new generation game console, marked with a different logo, was launched in 2017. The shape of the key part resembles the side elements of the hybrid console, which are intended for connection and control of the gameplay. They are placed according to the principle of the Asian signs of yin and yang, side by side, but not merged, with contrasting dots on a mirror opposite background. This means that one side is colored red with a white circle inside (left), and the other, on the contrary, is white with a red dot (right). Below is the name of the prefix, ungrouped into two lines: in the first one is written in small grotesque “NINTENDO,” in the second in large chopped type – “SWITCH.” All elements are shown in a red square.

2019 – today

Nintendo Switch Lite Logo 2019-present

This logo first appeared on the Nintendo Switch Lite console, released in Fall 2019. It contains only one phrase – the full name of the lightweight model of the console. It is located on one line, emphasizing the last word, which is much larger than the rest of the inscription. All elements are gray.

2021 – today

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Logo 2021

In the summer of 2021, the gaming company introduced a fresh console development with a 7-inch screen and a resolution of 720p. She called the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model and used this phrase in the corporate logo. The inscription occupies two rows with an emphasis on the top line, the letters bolder and larger than those on the bottom. The words are in dark grey.

Nintendo Switch: Interesting Facts

Since its release by Nintendo in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has risen to global prominence in the gaming console sphere, distinguished by its dual-function design for both portable and stationary play.

  1. Hybrid Design: Merging traditional console attributes with the flexibility of a handheld device, the Switch transitions seamlessly between a docked state for television gaming and a mobile setup for gaming on the move.
  2. Joy-Con Controllers: Equipped with two versatile Joy-Cons, these controllers adapt for solo play, combined use, or attached to the console for mobile gaming. Their motion detection and HD Rumble enhance interactive experiences.
  3. Hit Titles: Blockbuster games like “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” “Super Mario Odyssey,” and “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” have fueled the console’s acclaim.
  4. Online Services: Since September 2018, Nintendo Switch Online has offered multiplayer gaming, a classic game collection, cloud saves, and more.
  5. Sales Milestones: “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” skyrocketed, selling over 11 million copies in its first 11 days and boosting console sales.
  6. Diverse Game Library: The Switch is celebrated for its eclectic mix of games, including indie games and major titles, that appeal to a broad audience.
  7. Console Variations: The original model, the portable-only Switch Lite, and the enhanced Switch OLED model with a larger screen and better audio represent the console’s range.
  8. Social Features: Built-in screenshots and video clip functionality support sharing gaming moments directly on social media.
  9. Parental Controls: A dedicated smartphone app allows parents to manage playtime, game activity, and content access based on age.
  10. Cultural Phenomenon: The Switch’s role in media and social gatherings highlights its impact, fostering connections through its multiplayer and shared gaming capabilities.

The Nintendo Switch’s blend of innovative design, compelling game offerings, and versatile features underpins its success and Nintendo’s leading edge in gaming innovation.

Font and Colors

Nintendo Switch Emblem

Each version of the hybrid console has its logo. This is due not only to their characteristics but also to the desire of the developers to make a product that is not similar to the previous one. Therefore, even an intermediate version has a personal emblem: it was intended for advertising.

Nintendo Switch Symbol

In the logo of the base console, the inscription is made using the FF Mark typeface – even, smooth, grotesque. Otherwise, a thin sans serif font is used. Likewise, the proprietary palette is also not the same. In one version, the color scheme consists of a combination of red and white; in the other two, it is a combination of gray and white.

Nintendo Switch color codes

Dark CharcoalHex color:#2a2a2a
RGB:42 42 42
CMYK:0 0 0 84
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C