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The Nivea logo is a symbol of a cream jar, instantly recognizable and loved by users. The emblem demonstrates the completeness of action and the content in one bottle of all the necessary ingredients for the care of different skin types.

Nivea: Brand overview

Founded: 1911
Founder: Beiersdorf AG
Nivea is a German company and a line of cosmetics of the same name. Moreover, the enterprise was launched in 1882, and in 1911 a skin cream appeared. The founder of the brand is Paul Carl Beiersdorf. Today the brand belongs to Beiersdorf Global AG, headquartered in Hamburg (Germany).

Meaning and History

Nivea Logo History

The company started thinking about the multi-speaking emblem after the Second World War, so by 1949, it had an updated brand name. Throughout its existence, the trademark has supplemented the logo three times. As a result, it turned out that all versions are still relevant (except one).

1925 – 1934

Nivea Logo 1925

The Nivea brand, owned by the German multinational company Beiersdorf AG, was introduced in 1911. Under it, a cream based on lanolin from sheep’s wool was produced. All jars looked the same: they were small and round, and they also had the brand’s name on their lids. In the mid-1920s, the design of the logo has changed: a contrasting font with long and thin serifs was used to design the word. At the same time, the white inscription was located on a dark background so that it could be better seen. For the same purpose, all glyphs were converted to uppercase.

1934 – 1949

Nivea Logo 1934

With the advent of the 1930s, the official Nivea logo was redesigned. The designers removed the serifs and made them spiky and aligned in height (previously, the “A” was lower than the rest of the glyphs). The general structure of the typeface resembled Motor Oil 1937 M54 Regular by justme54s, Mesmerize Semi Bold by Typodermic Fonts Inc., or Zeronero Black from Monocromo, but without the protruding “N” corners. A few more similar analogs: Steagal Bold from Insigne Design, Mesmerize Bold from Typodermic Fonts, and Journal Sans New Bold from ParaType. In the main version, the inscription was black.

1949 – today

Nivea Logo 1949-present

During that period, there were four variants of the emblem’s design, based on the same type of spelling of the word “Nivea.” They differ only in color: black on white, blue on white, white on blue in wide and narrow format.

2004 – 2011

Nivea Logo 2004-2011

In 2004, the management decided to play with the shape of the legendary cream jar. To do this, the designers used a familiar design and added a thin silvery line above and below it – as if it were a reflection of a metal container. The result is a 3D effect.

2011 – 2021

Nivea Logo 2011

In this version, a jar of cream is presented on top. Therefore, the logo has a flat blue box with the brand name.

2021 – today

Nivea Logo

As in the previous case, the Nivea logo follows the shape of the lid of a round jar of cream – the brand’s first product, which was introduced in 1911. And although the range of cosmetics has expanded since then, the word mark is traditionally located inside the circle. And not simple, but blue – the color of the can. After the 2021 redesign, it became lighter and brighter because the brand owners wanted to make it attractive to potential buyers. As for the inscription, it remained white. But the font has changed a bit: now the letters are thinner and more elegant than before. However, it is still a bold grotesque with sharp corners where the diagonals meet other lines.

Font and Colors

Nivea Emblem

All versions of the logo use the word “Nivea.” There are no graphic elements in them. Some have a well-defined background: circle, narrow, or wide rectangle.

Nivea Symbol

The emblem is written in a typeface reminiscent of the commercial type Eagle Bold, with pointed ends at the N, V and A. The color scheme is stable: dark blue and white.

Nivea color codes

Egyptian Blue Hex color: #0032a0
RGB: 167 30 49
CMYK: 5 100 71 22
Pantone: PMS Dark Blue C