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The Northwestern Wildcats logo demonstrates the close connection between the team and the institution for which it plays. The elements of the logo read sharpness and pressure, the ability to work cohesively toward a common goal.

Northwestern Wildcats: Brand overview

Evanston, Illinois, United States

The Northwestern Wildcats are 19 sports teams made up of students from Northwestern University. The athletes practice at the Walter Athletics Center, built on the Evanston campus in 1918. The Northwestern Wildcats logo can be seen at NCAA, AIAW, and WNIT games.

The university’s first team (women’s basketball) appeared in 1975. In the years that followed, 11 women’s and eight men’s soccer, softball, field hockey, lacrosse, fencing, golf, tennis, and swimming teams were organized. The director leads the entire athletic movement. Dr. James Phillips is considered the most outstanding leader. Substantial titles and victories have been achieved by the soccer, women’s basketball, and lacrosse teams.

Meaning and History

Northwestern Wildcats Logo History

The team has a main logo and alternative logos. The main image has changed three times, transforming from a mascot to the university’s visual identity.

What is the Northwestern Wildcats?

A Northwestern University athletic community that has been in existence since 1975. The university supports the development of 14 sports played by eight men’s and 11 women’s teams.

1959 – 1967

Northwestern Wildcats Logo 1959

The team was unofficially called the Fighting Methodists for the university’s commitment to religious views. The official nickname referred to the team’s color, purple. It only changed in 1924 after a newspaper article called the players “a Purple wall of wildcats.” The Wildcats liked the name so much that in a few months, it became official.

On the other hand, the history of the logo is not so simple. Despite acquiring the name Wildcats, the image itself first appeared only ten years later, in 1933. The cat was immediately given the name Willie. It was the second attempt to choose a mascot animal. Before that, the team was represented by a live bear named Meholap. He was taken to all competitions and was only given up as a permanent escort in 1923.

The logo, introduced in 1959, depicted the same cat described in the Chicago Daily Tribune, the purple wildcat that gave the team its name. The helmet and ball in the animal’s paws correspond with the equipment of American soccer. Willie runs forward, not giving up, into the opponent’s scoring zone. The emblem represents excitement, strength, and speed.

1981 – 2011

Northwestern Wildcats Logo 1981

From the late ’60s to the mid-’70s, the state reduced university sponsorship due to the maximum phase of the Vietnam War, so sports team activity and content decreased. 1968 also saw a global change within the Methodist Church to which the university belonged. Northwestern was in search of a way. All this led to a long period when the emblem was not renewed.

In 1972, students voted to change the team name to Purple Haze. However, the new name was not a success. So they gradually returned to the Wildcats.

An updated sign was introduced in 1981. He radically changed the image. A large letter N with clear, sharp cutouts and outlines created a sense of athleticism and movement. The symbol indicated that the teams belonged to the university.

The head of a snarling wild cat was placed in one of the letter slits. The image of the beast shows an attempt to intimidate opponents. The sharp teeth of the predator demoralize and cause a desire to cower before the beastly might.

2012 – today

Northwestern Wildcats Logo

The 2012 changes align with the general trend of U.S. sports teams removing animals from their logo. The era of mascots is becoming a thing of the past, giving way to a strict style and demonstrating the close connection between the playing community and its institution.

In 2012, Northwestern began a partnership with Under Armour, which provides equipment for athletes. This was the impetus for a change in the team’s visual identity.

The new Wildcats emblem consists of an unusual shape of the letter N, which corresponds to the school’s full name – Northwestern University. It looks like it’s scratched out with a clawed paw, indicating speed, pressure, and synchronicity.

Font and Colors

Northwestern Wildcats Emblem

The first colors of the team were black and gold. However, too many institutions also use them. So in 1892, they chose purple. White is auxiliary. Under Armour has been developing purple team uniforms since 2012.

  • Purple is the color of inner strength and energy. He was considered a royal and used by leaders. It predicts a team victory. Signifies power and self-confidence.
  • White indicates fair play and adherence to rules.

Northwestern Wildcats Symbol

The font in the logo is unique, designed specifically for the Wildcats.

Northwestern Wildcats color codes

Dark Slate BlueHex color:#4e2a84
RGB:78 42 132
CMYK:41 68 0 48
Pantone:PMS 268 C