NOS Logo


The NOS logo is concise and confident. The emblem resembles a compressed energy sphere that illuminates the path. The symbol inspires movement, speaking of a drink that provides strength and helps achieve goals.

NOS: Brand overview

Launched into the energy drink market in 2005 by Hybrid Beverages in Corona, California, NOS Energy Drink drew its inspiration and name from the high-octane world of automotive racing, specifically the “nitrous oxide systems” used to speed up race cars. This reference encapsulated the essence of NOS – offering consumers an energy surge akin to a race car’s acceleration boost.

The product’s design, featuring striking black, red, and white colors, coupled with a potent mix of caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins, promised an unparalleled energy kick. The brand smartly aligned its marketing efforts with auto racing sponsorships, reinforcing the connection between the energizing effects of its drinks and the adrenaline of motorsports.

As NOS expanded its lineup with new flavors like grape and fruit punch, it appealed to a broader audience beyond just motorsports enthusiasts, building a reputation for its bold taste and effective energy boost. This growth caught the attention of Monster Beverage Corporation, which acquired NOS in 2007. Under Monster’s wing, NOS benefited from an expanded distribution network, reaching more consumers across the country while maintaining its unique, high-performance brand identity.

In 2017, adapting to changing consumer preferences, NOS introduced the Zero Sugar line, marking another milestone in its evolution. Nearly two decades after its inception, NOS continues to thrive under Monster Beverage Company, retaining its position in the competitive energy drink market with its distinct racing-inspired identity and commitment to “fueling your fast.”

Meaning and History

NOS Logo History

Both the emblem and the name were immediately stylized after compressed nitrous oxide. Since the releasing company obtained a license for the name from Holley Performance Products, the emblem emerged after legal issues were resolved. When approval was granted in 2005, the logo was developed.

What is NOS?

An energy drink owned by Holley Performance and produced under a license from Monster Beverage. It consists of carbonated water, sweeteners, colorings, and toning compounds, the main one being caffeine. It comes in 4 flavors: NOS Original, GT Grape, Sonic Sour, and Nitro Mango.

2005 – today

NOS Logo

The visual sign consists of the drink’s name. An arrow extends from the upper glyph N. The indicator sets the direction forward towards the goal. The emblem promises that with NOS, the customer will have the strength to move forward. To continue moving at a steady pace, without delays.

The arrow also points to the theme of speed and racing. Its broad base resembles a track, a finishing straight. The analogy is not coincidental.

The energy drink’s name was chosen based on the internal combustion engine for cars that operate on nitrous oxide. The decomposition of the substance releases oxygen, which is used to power the car. This development is called the nitrous oxide system (NOS). It is mainly used for racing cars.

Nitrous oxide boosts a car’s engine power, and similarly, the drink stimulates the human body’s functioning. Interestingly, the trademark rights belong to a company that produces a nitrous injection system for cars. The drink itself was initially available in bottles mimicking a nitrous oxide container.

The letter N seems to embrace the other two symbols, representing the idea of the energy drink as an auxiliary component for strengthening and support.

Around the white letters, there is a black and orange outline. The first gives the logo confidence and reliability. The drink has a long-lasting effect and a high concentration of active substances. The second creates the sensation that the symbols are glowing. This technique symbolizes energy. The refreshment that the drink imbues in the consumer.

Below the brand name is a smaller indication that the can contain an energy drink.

Font and Colors

NOS Emblem

The emblem features three colors: white, black, and orange. White highlights the energy drink’s ability to rejuvenate strength. After consuming the drink, the user feels as if starting their day anew. It reminds one of the shade of soda and the fizz of bubbles. The color is associated with snow and its invigorating coolness.

NOS Symbol

Orange gives a sense of warmth and support. The color is associated with the sun and its energy. It hints at the drink’s mango flavor.

The inscription is made of square letters with sharp angles, emphasizing the potency of the formula.