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The NRA’s combative and solemn logo embodies this organization’s essence – lobbying for the rights of the US population to own firearms. It encapsulates an atmosphere of solidarity, individual protection against potential threats, and a progressive stance on pressing issues. It also mirrors a direct connection with the state, historical roots, and a spirit of robust support.

NRA: Brand overview

Founded:November 17, 1871
Founder:William Conant Church, George Wood Wingate
Fairfax County, Virginia, U.S.

NRA stands for the National Rifle Association of America, which advocates for the rights of citizens to bear arms. It is one of the most influential forces in championing the interests of Americans. The association was founded in 1871 by journalist William Conant Church and lawyer George Wood Wingate. During a challenging period for the nation, they established a powerful entity that retained its connection with history and made the population proficient in firearm safety matters.

Meaning and History

Nra Logo History

When the Civil War broke out in 1861, Americans contemplated creating a specific shooting organization akin to the British one and sent a proposal letter to Abraham Lincoln. Its primary mission was shooting training based on Staten Island. However, the idea wasn’t implemented immediately but a decade later.

Nevertheless, the newly formed group required a well-equipped shooting range, trained professionals, specialized facilities, resources, and its unique visual identity to represent itself commendably at all levels. Since the organization focused on the national security of citizens nationwide and had a countrywide scope, it was decided to incorporate governmental symbols into its logo.

What is NRA?

NRA is an acronym for the National Rifle Association of America. This group addresses the issues of defending the population’s rights to possess firearms and plays a pivotal role in US domestic policy. Its founders were the editor of the Army and Navy Journal, journalist William Conant Church, and lawyer and military captain George Wood Wingate. It came into existence in 1871.

1871 – today

The primary element of the NRA logo is the bald eagle, a national symbol of the United States. The bird stretches its neck and opens its beak, urging the populace to study weaponry, defend themselves, and shoot accurately. The eagle flaps its wings, standing atop two crossed Whitworth rifles, initially proposed to be awarded as prizes for shooting competition victories. Below them lies a heraldic shield, colored in the hues of the national flag, and an olive branch – a symbol of peace, attesting to the association’s peaceful nature.

All elements appear three-dimensional and veer toward realism. The eagle has white feathers on its neck and tail, while the rest is black, highlighted with orange lines matching the rifle barrels’ color. The bird’s beak and talons are the most prominent, brightly yellow. The emblem’s center is red, surrounded by a white border. This border is like a lengthy ribbon containing the full title: National Rifle Association of America. A wavy embellishment separates each word. The inscription is written in an uppercase font with serifs.

The Seal

Nra Seal Logo

The seal looks like a simplified version of the NRA logo. It features a schematic representation crafted with thin lines and tiny dashes. The design is flat, non-realistic, and two-dimensional. The bald eagle is predominantly gold, except for its neck and tail. The crossed rifles in the bird’s talons are gold but accentuated with black touches. Below them is a heraldic shield depicting the US flag: stars on a blue background at the top, followed by broad red and white stripes.

All elements are enclosed within a red circle, bordered by a thin ring. Then, there’s broadband displaying the inscription “National Rifle Association.” The font here is bold, chunky, and blocky. The first two words in the title are separated from the third by two five-pointed stars positioned on the right and left. A golden border lines the edge, and the organization’s founding year is highlighted in the center.

Font and Colors

Nra Emblem

Both the emblem and the NRA seal feature numerous inscriptions. In some parts, they are in a vintage font with serifs, while in others, they use a modern typeface identical to Futura Bold Regular. The color scheme predominantly includes shades of the US national flag: blue, red, and white. These are harmoniously complemented by gold, orange, green, yellow, and black.

Nra Symbol