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When you look at the Nutrilite logo, you can immediately see that the products are based on natural ingredients. Each remedy is filled with beneficial compounds and trace elements derived from plants. Therefore, the use improves health.

Nutrilite: Brand overview

Founder:Carl F. Rehnborg
United States
Nutrilite is a line of nutritional, mineral, and vitamin supplements pioneered by Carl F. Rehnborg in 1934. At first, it was called California Vitamin, and only in 1939 received its current name. In 1945, a brand of multi-level network distribution of products was created on its basis. Now the Access Business Group (Amway company) is engaged in producing bioactive additives and multivitamins.

Meaning and History

Nutrilite Symbol

The inspiration for the emblem was nature itself. Based on her motives, the designers have created a harmonious visual image that matches its theme. It emphasizes that natural sources are the basis for obtaining vitamins.

The Nutrilite brand chose a green square to visualize the idea, divided into two triangular fragments. Moreover, they have a different color: one is neon green, the other is dark spruce. A small branch with five leaves is located diagonally in the center. Below the graphic is the brand name, in capital letters with a wide breakdown.

What is Nutrilite?

Nutrilite is a world leader in vitamins, dietary supplements, and food additives. They help fill gaps in nutrition, support the body, and strengthen health. The brand’s founder is Carl F. Rehnborg, who first introduced his innovative products in 1934.

Nutrilite: Interesting Facts

Nutrilite is a leading dietary supplement brand known for its high-quality products. Here’s a simpler overview of what makes Nutrilite special:

  1. Early Innovator: Founded in 1934 by Carl F. Rehnborg, Nutrilite was the first to introduce multivitamins and minerals. Rehnborg’s early understanding of nutrition helped shape today’s supplement industry.
  2. From Seed to Supplement: Nutrilite controls every step of its product creation, from plant growth to packaging. This “seed to supplement” approach ensures top quality.
  3. Organic Farming: The brand owns organic farms in the US, Mexico, and Brazil, using sustainable methods to grow ingredients. This shows its commitment to the environment and organic farming.
  4. Research-Driven: With advanced research facilities, Nutrilite’s scientists focus on nutrition and phytonutrients, which leads to innovations and improvements in its supplements.
  5. Phytonutrient Emphasis: Nutrilite supplements contain phytonutrients, natural plant compounds that support health, and vitamins and minerals.
  6. Top Seller: Nutrilite is recognized as the world’s leading brand in vitamins and supplements and is trusted by consumers in over 50 countries.
  7. Personalized Nutrition: Recently, Nutrilite has started offering personalized supplement recommendations, acknowledging that everyone’s nutritional needs are different.
  8. Nutrilite Health Institute: Located in Buena Park, California, this institute focuses on nutrition education and research, pushing Nutrilite’s mission to enhance personal health.
  9. Globally Minded: Despite its worldwide reach, Nutrilite tailors its products and information to suit local cultures and nutritional needs, understanding diverse health trends and preferences.
  10. Giving Back: Nutrilite fights childhood malnutrition globally through initiatives like the Power of 5 Campaign, showcasing its dedication to social responsibility.

Nutrilite stands out for its historical significance, dedication to quality and sustainability, and efforts to improve health and nutrition worldwide.

Font and Colors

Nutrilite Emblem

The logo uses a medium-sized serif typeface. Printed characters are in upper case. “L” and “E” have the same bottom elements – in the shape of an inverted parenthesis. The letter “R” has a non-closed connection. The emblem’s color scheme consists of white and two shades of green – light green, spruce.

Nutrilite color codes

Cadmium GreenHex color:#00662f
RGB:0 102 147
CMYK:100 0 54 60
Pantone:PMS 356 C
Kelly GreenHex color:#5fbd36
RGB:95 189 54
CMYK:50 0 71 26
Pantone:PMS 802 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C