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Nutrilite Logo
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Nutrilite is a line of nutritional, mineral, and vitamin supplements pioneered by Carl F. Rehnborg in 1934. At first, it was called California Vitamin, and only in 1939 received its current name. In 1945, a brand of multi-level network distribution of products was created on its basis. Now the Access Business Group (Amway company) is engaged in producing bioactive additives and multivitamins.

Meaning and History

Nutrilite Symbol

The inspiration for the emblem was nature itself. Based on her motives, the designers have created a harmonious visual image that matches its theme. It emphasizes that natural sources are the basis for obtaining vitamins.

The Nutrilite brand chose a green square to visualize the idea, divided into two triangular fragments. Moreover, they have a different color: one is neon green, the other is dark spruce. A small branch with five leaves is located diagonally in the center. Below the graphic is the brand name, in capital letters with a wide breakdown.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Nutrilite Emblem

The logo uses a medium-sized serif typeface. Printed characters are in upper case. “L” and “E” have the same bottom elements – in the shape of an inverted parenthesis. The letter “R” has a non-closed connection. The emblem’s color scheme consists of white and two shades of green – light green, spruce.