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Nvidia Logo

Nvidia Logo
Nvidia Logo PNG

The multinational technology company Nvidia was created by three friends who did not like the computer industry’s stagnation. They were convinced that the future was in hardware acceleration, and given the emerging industry of computer games, in GPUs. This explains the choice in favor of GPU development. In the future, the range was replenished with electronic System-on-a-Chip.

Meaning and History

Nvidia Logo History
Evolution of the Nvidia Logo

The name Nvidia consists of two parts: “NV” – “next version” and “invidia” – “envy” in Latin. Envy, in turn, is associated with the evil eye, which sounds like “invaders” in Latin. This word means “look with hostility.” If you trace the complex associative chain, you can understand why the eye is depicted on its logo and how it happened that it survived after a single redesign.

1993 – 2006

Nvidia Logo 1993-2006

The Nvidia brand appeared in 1993. Even then, it had a multi-component emblem, the developers of which played up a visual metaphor – an eye symbolizing an all-seeing eye or an envious look, based on how to interpret it.

In the eyes of artists, it looks like a two-color spiral. The left side (black) is on a white background, and the right (white) is shown on a light green square. By the way, the quadrangular shape symbolizes a pixel because the company’s products are directly related to computer graphics.

The name “Nvidia” is written under the picture. Lowercase and italic “n” are opposed to uppercase and direct “VIDIA.” All letters are united only by the fact that they are black and have serifs.

2006 – present

Nvidia Logo 2006-present

In 2006, the company adopted a new logo in which the left side of the eye was as green as the square. Moreover, the color has changed, becoming a little darker. The lettering is still black, but it now uses a bold sans-serif and italic font.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Nvidia Emblem

There are several opinions about the meaning of the spiral pattern. Some suggest that this all-seeing eye is a famous Masonic symbol. Others believe that this is an eye in constant search for something new. Still, others build their theory on Roman mythology because Nvidia’s name is derived from the word “Invidia” – this is how the Romans called the goddess Nemesis. She was jealous, angry and envious, and envy, according to ancient people, came precisely from the eyes.

Where did this mythological subtext come from? Nvidia’s main goal is to create technological products, which could be the envy of all competitors. There is also a theory that the emblem’s eye is associated with the ancient Egyptian deity Horus and its symbol, the udjat falcon’s eye.

Nvidia Symbol

The fonts cannot be identified on either the old or the new Nvidia logo. What is clear is that in the first case, two types of typefaces were used: straight uppercase serifs and lowercase italics. Now all characters are uppercase, although the first “N” continues to look lowercase. The text is highlighted in Eerie Black (# 1A1918); the lines are rich and have no serifs at the ends. One would assume that this is a standard grotesque, if not for the individual design of the capital “N.”

The square and half of the spiral eyes are green as opposed to the lettering. The designers chose Apple’s shade (# 7AB547) for a darker shade than in the previous version. This color also refers to the theme of envy; besides, the goddess Invidia, according to the ancient Romans’ beliefs, was green. Using a play on words, Nvidia even came up with the slogan “Green with Envy” for the GeForce 8 series of graphics accelerators. So the palette’s symbolic meaning is beyond doubt.