OLX Logo


The OLX logo shows that the marketplace cares about people and wants to please them. After all, that’s exactly what she does. The online store provides services to users by connecting sellers and buyers and taking into account the interests of both parties.

OLX: Brand overview

Amsterdam, Netherlands

OLX is a modern marketplace that hosts hundreds of online ads from users worldwide. It operates globally and is headquartered in major cities (Kyiv, Beijing, Poznan, Mumbai, Buenos Aires, etc.).

The main office is located in Hoofddorp (Netherlands). The functionality of the platform is available on convenient official OLX websites. Each country has a special link with the corresponding domain. The brand’s visual design in the entire history of its existence has changed two times. The presented versions of the logo are radically different from each other.

Meaning and History

OLX Logo History

Creating OLX was based on the desire to create a universal platform for online trading. Hence the original name is an abbreviated version of the phrase Online Exchange.

2006 – 2018

OLX Logo 2006

The marketplace was officially launched in March 2016. Alejandro Oxenfordo and Fabrice Grinda worked on its creation. These are two successful French entrepreneurs who wanted to improve the trading process and open up new opportunities for inexpensive online shopping. Initially, the site worked in India, and already in 2007, the company settled in the Russian-speaking market.

In 2010, OLX became part of the large Naspers company, after which the popular Russian platform Avito joined the platform. In the future, the service will expand its boundaries. Marketplaces with the specified name appeared in Belarus, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, and Uzbekistan.

The visual concept of such sites was unified. The logo included three letters that make up the brand name. The color scheme was based on a bright variety. The O was purple, the L in green, and the X in orange. They were located on a neutral white background, framed in a thin gray circle.

This coloring looked relaxed and even somewhat cheerful. She demonstrated lightness, simplicity, and joyful emotions. These features reflected the principles of operation of OLX. The service is distinguished by simple operation, a clear interface, and various offers (there are various categories of goods). An additional advantage is buying high-quality goods at a low price. From shopping in such conditions, there are good impressions.

2018 – today

OLX Logo

For 13 years, the OLX logo remained unchanged, and only in 2018 did the company decide to rebrand. An update to the visual identity concept was necessary, as the existing logo no longer matched the modern brand style.

The new emblem received an incredibly stylish performance. It was created in the ExtraBold style. Perfect lines and new colors appeared in the picture. The change in design was proof that the service does not stand still but is constantly evolving and improving functionality.

Font and Colors

OLX Emblem

Modern OLX trading platforms have a stylish and unusual logo. It does not look like the icons of other well-known marketplaces, which demonstrates originality and uniqueness. Another important characteristic is that the icon is completely different from the previous version that has existed for over ten years. It is no longer limited by a gray frame, which symbolizes the company’s expansion.

In addition, the font has changed. It has become more massive and pronounced, and the letters have acquired a new design and different sizes. The letter X is the smallest character drawn with clear lines that give the impression of an invisible square. There is one large strip in the middle that replaces the letter L. At the beginning of the logo is the letter O, which is significantly increased in size.

OLX Symbol

This design is not a designer’s mistake, but the symbolism in the details. Different letters reflect a wide variety of products. Together they create a harmonious picture that favorably represents the brand. The color scheme consists of 2 colors – white and blue. White is used as a background and demonstrates versatility, while the bright blue color of the letters conveys lightness and, at the same time, reliability.

OLX color codes

Deep Electric BlueHex color:#3a77ff
RGB:58 119 255
CMYK:77 53 0 0
Pantone:PMS 2726 C