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The logo created for One Love features a heart – a symbol of love. This sentiment is addressed to everyone who needs support – primarily people who are subjected to discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, and other differences. The emblem is dedicated to six colors.

One Love: Brand overview

Founded:2020 – present
International, primarily Europe
The One Love campaign has attracted many supporters from among athletes, as it originated in the football environment. Its history began in 2020 in the Netherlands when fans outraged by racism wrote an open letter expressing the idea of universal equality. To support the anti-discrimination movement, football players began wearing armbands with a multicolored heart image during matches. The One Love emblem gained fame in 2022 after Qatar banned its use during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The rainbow pattern sparks controversy in countries where there is discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Meaning and History

One Love Logo History

Although the heart in the One Love logo was colored following the example of the LGBT flag, their colors do not match. The campaign, which stands against all forms of discrimination, reflected different groups of people in its symbol.

  • Red, black, and green represent the African race. This is the palette of the Pan-African flag adopted in 1920. Its creator – Marcus Mosiah Garvey, leader of the worldwide black movement. The Ethiopian state symbolism served as inspiration for the tricolor.
  • Pink, yellow, and blue were taken from the pansexual flag, challenging prejudices that have formed in society. This combination of colors began to be used on the Internet around 2010.

What is One Love?

One Love is an international campaign aimed at fighting all forms of discrimination. It emerged in 2020 when fans wrote an open letter condemning racism in Dutch football. This appeal was published by many media outlets and served as inspiration for the logo in the form of a multicolored heart. European football players began wearing armbands with such an image to show that sports unite different people, regardless of their characteristics.

One Love Symbol

One Love has a multi-component logo with a profound meaning. At the center is a heart symbolizing love for all people, regardless of their innate traits. It has a symmetrical shape and consists of six diagonal stripes painted in different colors: red, black, green, pink, yellow, and light blue. Designers did not use a gradient because they wanted to achieve maximum similarity with the flags of the African race and pansexuals. On the colorful background, there is a large white number one, associated with the name of the anti-discrimination movement.

The heart is outlined with a wide black contour and complemented with the phrase “ONE LOVE,” which is split into two parts. The first word starts with a hashtag symbol. The purpose of the hashtag is to draw attention to the raised issue and involve others in the discussion of social problems. The letters “ON” and “LO” are horizontally cut in half and slightly shifted, as typically happens with screen glitches. At the bottom, the phrase “pêl-droed i bawb” is written with untidy handwriting, promoting the idea of “football for all.”

The One Love logo became famous thanks to athletes who wear an armband with its image. It started with soccer players from the Netherlands, and then teams from other countries, mainly European ones, joined the flash mob. In 2022, a scandal erupted due to Qatar banning the demonstration of the equality symbol during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This is not surprising, as the country imposed strict requirements on fans and participants of the championship, forbidding even loud shouting, drinking beer, and wearing too-short shorts.

Font and Colors

One Love Emblem

The inscriptions on the One Love logo are made with two individual fonts. The campaign name consists of massive bold letters without serifs. Some of them underwent deformation: the upper halves of “O,” “N,” and “L” are shifted slightly to the left. In turn, the advertising slogan is written in a font stylized as untidy handwriting.

The emblem colors are symbolic because they correspond to the flags of dark-skinned people (red/black/green) and pansexuals (pink/yellow/blue). Each of them has its meaning.

  • Red – blood shed by African Americans in the struggle for independence.
  • Black – the skin color of people of African descent.
  • Green – the vegetation of Africa, hope for a better future.
  • Pink – people who identify themselves as women.
  • Yellow – non-binary gender.
  • Blue – those who classify themselves as male.

One Love color codes

Persian RedHex color:#d13434
RGB:209 52 52
CMYK:0 75 75 18
Pantone:PMS 1788 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
Shamrock GreenHex color:#1f9b5d
RGB:31 155 93
CMYK:80 0 40 39
Pantone:PMS 3405 C
Mexican PinkHex color:#e41480
RGB:228 20 128
CMYK:0 91 44 11
Pantone:PMS 213 C
SunglowHex color:#fac82f
RGB:250 200 47
CMYK:0 20 81 2
Pantone:PMS 7408 C
Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#009fd6
RGB:0 159 214
CMYK:100 25 0 16
Pantone:PMS 801 C