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The landmark stood out throughout the work period with its visual identity. The modern One World Observatory logo is proof of this. It demonstrates the place’s spectacularity and emphasizes its significance for world culture. The emphasis on this is made by an incredibly stylish, even somewhat futuristic figure that symbolizes the top of the building. It is complemented by a solid inscription in the form of the site’s name and a thematic phrase. A harmonious addition is a light color palette that demonstrates the place’s boldness, energy, and entertainment character.

One World Observatory: Brand overview

New York, U.S.
One World Observatory is a public observation platform that occupies the top 3 floors of a skyscraper. The main feature is the location. The site is located in America, in one of the tallest buildings – the World Trade Center (One World Trade Center).

Meaning and History

One World Observatory Logo History

One World Observatory today is a huge area on top of a skyscraper, which offers a breathtaking view of New York. Incredible beauty impresses visitors so much that they come back here again and again. But, these gorgeous views in a certain period were unavailable for visiting. The reason was the tragic event of 2001 when the center was destroyed as a result of a terrorist attack. The activity of the unique place resumed only in 2015.

The newly opened observation deck received a new name and a more modern emblem. The logo consisted of an original drawing and a 3-level inscription. The details not only created a harmonious visual image of the famous cultural place but also emphasized its main features. The stylish modern typeface showed a commitment to innovation, the sharp spire showed exciting emotions, and the multi-colored palette showed fun, joy, positivity, and reliability.

What is One World Observatory?

One World Observatory is one of the largest observation decks in the world. It is located in New York, on top of the huge One World Trade Center. Visitors can visit the top three floors, which offer beautiful scenery. In the period from 1975 to 2001, the site included only two territories – on the 107th floor and on the South Tower. But, on September 11, it was completely destroyed.

1975 – 2001

Top of the World Observation Deck Logo 1975

The first opening of the famous observation deck took place in 1975. At that time, it occupied two public territories. One was located on the roof of the South Tower, and the second – was on the 107th floor. In 2011, the building was destroyed along with the observation deck, which was called Top of the World. Up to this point, the corporate identity of the place was expressed in a bright, energetic logo, which was associated with delight, energy, and strength.

Its main features were recognizable colors, an unusual design of the text sign, and an expressive graphic figure. The text element of the logo consisted of 2 parts. The upper part was presented in the form of a semicircle and denoted the phrase: “I was/a on top of the world.” At the bottom was the name of the place. Both wordmarks were in white but also had a purple tangled line over them.

The chosen solution perfectly emphasized the entertaining nature of the observation deck and also symbolized the incredible emotions from what he saw. The central part of the logo was occupied by a neat figure, which was associated with the top of the shopping center. It was decorated in white, like two inscriptions, which emphasized reliability. But, most of the emblem was occupied by a rich red background. This shade showed vivid impressions, a lot of emotions, and vigor.

2015 – today

One World Observatory Logo

In 2015, the observation deck resumed work under the name – One World Observatory. The old emblem no longer matched the essence of the place, so the designers created a more modern and up-to-date version, which is still used today. It harmoniously combines the verbal part and a stylized picture reminiscent of the upper floors of a shopping center. The text is distinguished by thin, neat forms and occupies most of the drawing.

It is designed in a compact 3-tier format but looks very powerful and stylish. The first two words are consonant with the name, and the bottom inscription indicates the value of the experience of climbing to the top. A beautiful picture is complemented by various light neutral hues, a bright accent, and a classic background. In general, such a concept is associated with unforgettable emotions, joy, and pride from overcoming the peak.

Font and Colors

One World Observatory Emblem

The visual identity of One World Observatory defines several messages at once. This is freedom, dynamism, a sense of carelessness, and joy. At the same time, the color palette emphasizes the important principles of the observation deck – safety, reliability, and comfort. This is evidenced by the large number of shades of blue that decorate the figure of the top and two parts of the inscription. Complementing the line is the classic white color, demonstrating purity and conscientiousness.

A striking touch is also the use of bright orange, which is associated with positivity, energy, and joy. To design the word lettering, the designers used a simple, modern sans-serif typeface similar to the Geogrotesque style. Straight lines and expressive spaces make it well-readable, which has a positive effect on the concept.

One World Observatory Symbol

In addition, the font goes well with the graphic symbol. The elements are similar in their geometric shapes, graceful thin contours, and futuristic design. The font denotes improvement, growth, and development in terms of semantic load. In general, the harmonious combination of the presented elements contributes to the recognition of the One World Observatory. Also, it gives all the advantages of an interesting place in an exhaustive format.

One World Observatory  color codes

Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#26a3e5
RGB:38 163 229
CMYK:83 29 0 10
Pantone:PMS 2995 C
Medium Electric BlueHex color:#035192
RGB:3 81 146
CMYK:98 45 0 43
Pantone:PMS 2945 C
Spanish OrangeHex color:#f36909
RGB:243 105 9
CMYK:0 57 96 5
Pantone:PMS Bright Orange C