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The Optus logo conveys a message of joy and vitality. The company tries to create comfortable conditions for communication for customers. The emblem promises a lot of great deals and the use of modern technologies that make communication easy and affordable.

Optus: Brand overview

Founder:Paul O’Sullivan
Macquarie Park, New South Wales, Australia
Optus is a brand of the Australian company Singtel Optus Pty Limited, which is part of the leading telecommunications group Singtel. It provides network services and positions itself as a multimedia organization focused on mobile platforms. This trademark is a continuation of the state project AUSSAT. The government created AUSSAT Pty Limited to launch satellites and then, due to unprofitableness, sold it along with a license to the Optus Communications consortium. The privatized AUSSAT became Optus and since 1991 has continued to operate in a new format.

Meaning and History

Optus Logo History

The Australian leader in integrated telecommunications has changed his style many times to keep up with the latest trends. Moreover, the logos’ update was accompanied by a complete reboot of the brand: for example, it could abandon its traditional symbol, as it was in 1999, or rely on a cheerful and friendly design, as in 2013.

But the biggest change came in 2016 when the company decided to adapt to the Netflix generation. To do this, she had to develop a new business model, go beyond the usual telecommunications services framework, and confirm her status as a digital entertainment provider. During that period, she launched the Optus Sport channel and introduced her set-top box, YesTV. The change of the emblem, in this case, should have become a symbol of the desire for the future.

What is Optus?

Optus is a telecommunications company from Australia, founded in 1981. Since its inception, it has become the second-largest wireless operator in the country and has over 10.5 million subscribers. It is now a subsidiary of Singtel.

1991 – 1999

Optus Communications Logo 1991-1999

The brand emerged in the place of AUSSAT in the 1990s offered international telephony services. It had a corresponding logo: three half-rings located perpendicular to the fourth half-ring and encircling an invisible circle. This image illustrated the connection between cities around the planet. The word “OPTUS” was placed under the geometric pattern, and below it was “communications.” The designers played on the contrast of uppercase and lowercase letters.

1997 – 1999

Optus Logo 1997-1999

In the late 1990s. The word “Yes” has become an integral part of the Optus corporate identity. It was perceived as an exclamation of a satisfied customer who found what he wanted. On the logo, “yes” was written in italics and was enclosed in single quotes. Below it was a symbol consisting of half rings. The place at the very bottom was reserved for the brand name.

1999 – 2013

Optus Logo 1999-2013

At the millennium turn, the word “yes” became dark blue and “OPTUS” became bold. The developers have removed the geometric sign as unnecessary because the range of services has long gone beyond international telephone communications.

2005 – 2013

Optus Logo 2005-2013

In 2005, the designers placed the company symbol inside a yellow rounded rectangle. This was to show the friendly nature of the brand and its focus on the digital entertainment industry.

2013 – 2016

Optus Logo 2013-2016

To improve the design, Optus executives turned to Australian agency Re, based in Sydney. Experts helped the telecommunications firm carry out a complete restructuring, part of a new declaration for customers – the so-called “Declaration Yes.” This meant that the word “Yes” was still the main feature of the brand. On the emblem, it was written in calligraphic letters and was in a yellow speech bubble. By the way, the new character of the company – Olly – also had the shape of a speech bubble and was bright yellow.

The appearance of the word “OPTUS” has changed markedly. The developers chose a bubble font for it, which was different from yesteryear’s cool and structured design. The blue-green color emphasized the informality of the style.

2016 – today

Optus Logo 2016-present

The company again entrusted the next transformation of the brand name to the agency Re. The redesign marked a transition to a new level, continuous development in the digital world. The word “Yes” took on a different meaning: the brand owners abandoned the “Declaration Yes” in favor of the concept of “Yes Moments.” Ultimately, this detail was removed from the main logo – only the brand name remained.

The developers have retained the blue-green color and uppercase letters. The changes were made to the font: it acquired a sharper shape, although the corners remained rounded. There is also a yellow OPTUS variant that compensates for the lack of a bright dialogue bubble. The yellow word “Yes” is used separately from the name. It has a new design based on Mariko Elliott’s calligraphy.

Font and Colors

Optus Emblem

In 2016, the traditional logo disintegrated. This is how the brand got two different signs with their design and meaning. The blue-green inscription “OPTUS” is associated with friendliness and fun, and the word “Yes” expresses the client’s voice, an enthusiastic reaction to media content.

The main logo was created using a custom typeface designed specifically for Optus. It looks like a Taro Extra Bold with rounded corners.

The “Yes” font is semi-connected because the first letter is separated from the second. It was created by Australian designer Dave Foster, owner of the Foster Type studio. He came up with thousands of versions of Yes, wrote them down on 100 sheets of paper, and then chose 115 versions to present. After analysis, everyone agreed that it was better to leave the changed base style.

Optus Symbol

Two colors can identify the brand: aquamarine (# 39A8AF) and yellow (# FECD03). This vibrant palette was chosen specifically to showcase the entertaining nature of Optus’ services.

Optus color codes

Cadet BlueHex color:#39a8af
RGB:57 168 175
CMYK:67 4 0 31
Pantone:PMS 7466 C

What is the Optus logo?

The Optus logo consists of the name of the company. It contains an uppercase boldface lettering with rounded ends for each letter. Serifs are missing.

What Colour is Optus?

The official color of the telecommunications company Optus is blue with a slight turquoise tint. These are the colors that the letters on the logo are represented.

What is the Optus slogan?

The slogan is simple and short – “Yes!” It denotes the company’s commitment to improving the quality of services and to the breadth of coverage of the Australian population with telecommunications. This is the motto of its founder George Patterson Sydney, which M&C Saatchi returned.

Where does the name Optus come from?

Nobody knows the exact decoding of the name. But there are two versions. First, it’s just a combination of two English words, “opt” and “us.” Second: it is a derivative of the Latin word “optim,” which means “best.”