Oral B Logo

Oral B LogoOral B Logo

The Oral B logo symbolizes the ergonomic shape of toothbrushes that effectively fulfill their task. The elongated geometric figure with rounded corners resembles a stripe of toothpaste. And the blue color is associated with fresh breath, coolness, and tranquility.

Oral B: Brand overview

Founded:January 13, 1950
Founder:Procter & Gamble
United States
Oral B is an American brand specializing in oral hygiene products. Its modern range includes electric and classic toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and toothpaste. Established in 1950, it has been part of Procter & Gamble since 2006.

Meaning and History

Oral B Logo History

Dr. Robert W. Hutson, the inventor of a unique toothbrush, founded the company. He patented the unique product and created a brand named “Oral B 60.” The number indicates the number of bristle tufts. The letter “B” stands for “brush.” Later, Dr. Hutson decided to continue his periodontal practice in San Jose, so in 1960, he sold the business. The company then became part of Gillette in 1984 and was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2006. Each new owner has left their mark on the evolution of the logo.

What is Oral B?

Oral-B is an American brand specializing in the production of oral care products: toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Founded in 1950, it has since become one of the leading players in dental hygiene. In 2006, Oral-B was acquired by Procter & Gamble, one of the largest international consumer goods companies. Oral-B is known for its innovations, quality of products, and wide range, including both traditional and electric toothbrushes.

1950 – 1965

Oral B Logo 1950-1965

The original version was oval and horizontally elongated. On a purple background, “Oral B” was written in cursive, and below was “TOOTH BRUCH,” with both words written together.

1965 – 1980

Oral B Logo 1965-1980

Designers removed the bottom phrase and left only the company name. They also changed the color of the oval, made the symbols thin and printed, and changed their style.

1980 – 2009

Oral B Logo 1980-2009

In 1980, a group of original signs appeared in an entirely new design. The oval turned dark blue, and the letters became thick and italic.

2009 – today

Oral B Logo 2009-present

Developers added a 3D effect to the current logo in the form of light glares along the top and bottom edges.

2020 – today

Oral B Logo 2020-present

As a result of the redesign, the visual identity sign changed its style, although it retained the original elements. Modernization is mainly concerned with color. The developers removed the dark border, smoothed the three-dimensionality, and presented the logo in 2D. It became much darker, with barely noticeable lighting in the center. This effect is due to the gradient transition from light blue (in the center) to dark blue (closer to the edge). The inscription remained the same.

Font and Colors

Oral B Emblem

The brand name has always been associated with the word “Oral B,” and it is written in various styles. A blue horizontal oval serves as its background.

In the early version of the logo, the inscription was done in handwriting, from 1965 to 1980 in print font, and now in text with a slight right tilt. The central protrusion of the “B” is elongated and extends beyond the letter. The emblem’s color includes a combination of several shades of white and blue.

Oral B Symbol

The latest changes did not affect the font – the brand name is done in Neue Haas Grotesk Black Italic font. The blue color transitioned from a light palette to a darker one with a gradient.

Oral B color codes

Bright Navy BlueHex color:#1574C4
RGB:21 116 196
CMYK:89 41 0 23
Pantone:PMS 2172 C