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The Overwatch logo, a 2016 shooter from an American developer, reflects the presence of robotic elements. The symbol is iconic, perceived as a combination of the two letters of the name, a stylized peace sign, an imitation of a gamer’s greeting, or a Spartan shield.

Overwatch: Brand overview

Overwatch is a multiplayer and multiplatform computer game created by Blizzard Entertainment (USA). It was developed by Scott Mercer, Michael Elliott, and Jeremy Craig, who completed it in 2014 but officially launched it two years later, in 2016.

Meaning and History

Overwatch Logo History

The video game was first introduced in beta version and tested at BlizzCon from 2014 to 2016. Then, it was released for several platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows. In 2019, a version for Nintendo Switch was introduced. The game mode is multiplayer, where a keyboard, mouse, or gamepad can be used.

The interaction process between participants is based on battles, so many characters are involved in developing the storyline. Each gamer can choose from more than twenty characters. They are divided into two groups, each consisting of six people. The computer game features a robotic element, significantly influencing its logo.

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is an esports discipline, a first-person team shooter where users not just fight each other but perform specific tasks. The game features various locations and characters. Blizzard Entertainment released the first version of the game in 2016.

Overwatch: Interesting Facts

Overwatch is a video game where you play with a team and shoot from a first-person view. Blizzard Entertainment made it and came out in May 2016. People like this game, and it has some cool things about it:

  1. How It Started: Overwatch was made after Blizzard stopped working on another game called “Titan.” They used some ideas and pictures from that game to make Overwatch. It’s a game inspired by other team shooting and fast-fighting games.
  2. Characters: The game is known for having many characters called “heroes.” These heroes come from many places worldwide, each with its own story, making the game interesting for people from all over.
  3. The Story: Although Overwatch is mostly about playing with others online, it has a big story. Blizzard tells this story through short animations, comic books, and special events in the game.
  4. Competitions: Overwatch has become a big deal in esports, where people compete in games. In 2018, they started the Overwatch League with teams from different cities, similar to how regular sports have teams from different places.
  5. Making Your Fun: In 2019, Blizzard let players create their game modes in Overwatch. This allows everyone to develop fun games to play with others.
  6. Awards: When Overwatch first came out, many people thought it was the best game of the year. They liked how it was easy to start playing but also deep and fun to keep playing.
  7. Playing Together: In 2021, Blizzard made it easier for friends to play Overwatch together by allowing them to play on different game consoles or computers.
  8. The Next Part: Blizzard is working on Overwatch 2, which will feature new game parts, such as modes, maps, and heroes. It will also have a story mode where you can play the game with friends.
  9. Art and Dress-Up: Many people like to make art or dress up as their favorite Overwatch characters. This shows how much people love the game beyond just playing it.
  10. New Kinds of Heroes: Overwatch is special for having characters different from what you usually see in games. They have strong women and characters who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, which many people think is great.

Overall, Overwatch is a fun game with many different characters to choose from and a big story behind it. It’s a game that brings people together, whether playing it or just fans of its world.

Font and Colors

Overwatch Emblem

The full version of the logo includes two parts: graphic and textual. Both are presented in a combination of dark silver and orange colors. The emblem itself is a wide open circle (interrupted at the top in two places), inside which there are two symmetrically placed “bars” that do not intersect with each other.

Overwatch Symbol

Developers have invested a lot of meaning into the emblem, so they did not provide a precise explanation. As a result, each user sees something different in it, depending on the chosen strategy and character. Yes, relationships with them are close because the Overwatch sign is interpreted differently.

  • Version 1: These are the letters “O” and “W” put together. They are part of the name of the video game and are formed from the words “Over” and “Watch.”
  • Version 2: The emblem visually resembles the Pacific Ocean, the universal peace sign. This is related to the original mission of the team – to counter conflicts and maintain peace.
  • Version 3: The emblem symbolizes two hands folded in prayer (possibly for peace), and the golden upper part represents the rising sun, which will give a ray of hope and shed light on the surrounding space.
  • Version 4: It’s the gesture of two gamers in a high-five style, signifying modern greetings and collaborative actions, as Overwatch is a team game.
  • Version 5: The emblem represents a heraldic roundel, similar to a round Spartan shield, as the genre of the multiplayer game is associated with military battles. The inner element resembles the Greek sign lambda, equivalent to the letter “L.” It, in turn, refers to the name of the place where Sparta once was located – Lacedaemon (or Laconia). Moreover, the letter “C” in the word “Sparta” is written in ancient Greek as “Σ” (sigma). In its inverted form, it closely resembles the central part of the roundel.

The computer game also has another symbolic element – a flag. It is based on the logo, placed on a blue background. The flag was introduced in the official game trailer.

Logo Overwatch

The textual image of the Overwatch logo is made with a custom font, visually reminiscent of inscriptions used in the emblems of Namco, Triforce Nintendo, and Sega systems. There are very few differences between them.

The most characteristic sign is the letter “A.” It is positioned as if it is a symbol of victory – “V” (from the word “Victoria”), placed upside down. “O” is depicted not as a circle but as a half-square with an open bottom line on the left side. “R” has an internal space, “E” has a shortened central bar. Moreover, some letters clearly have their top corners cut off.

Overwatch color codes

Orange PeelHex color:#ffa200
RGB:255 162 0
CMYK:0 36 100
Pantone:PMS 137 C
Outer SpaceHex color:#2b4247
RGB:43 66 71
CMYK:39 7 0 72
Pantone:PMS 7477 C


What does the Overwatch symbol mean?

According to one version, the Overwatch symbol consists of the letters O and W. Others see it as a pacifist – the international peace sign, as the main goal of players is to maintain peace. According to the third version, the mysterious figure imitates the modern greeting of gamers. Some believe it’s a reference to the shield of the Spartans, where the inner element resembles the lambda letter and denotes the second name of the city of Sparta – Lacedaemon.

What font is used in the Overwatch logo?

The Overwatch logo uses a font specially designed for this game. It looks massive thanks to wide lines and cut corners. There are no closed (completed) letters in the inscription: “A” does not have a horizontal stroke, and “O” and “R” are open. The inner letter spaces are not round – but rather quadrilateral.