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The noise of the iron horse motor is heard when looking at the emblem. The Pagani logo conveys the style and rugged fit of the brand’s machines. Their engines are powerful, and their hulls are strong. The perfect combination of design and content allows you to achieve great acceleration.

Pagani: Brand overview

Founder:Horacio Pagani
San Cesario sul Panaro, MO, Italy
Pagani is an automobile company that is famous for its powerful, ultra-fast, and very stylish hypercars. It was named after its founder, Horacio Pagani. The future engineer was interested in high-speed cars from childhood and built the first racing model at the age of 20. Before that, he maintained his store, which allowed him to develop skills. Then Horacio worked at the Lamborghini factory and showed himself as an innovator by buying an autoclave for carbon parts. Having been refused, the businessman bought an autoclave himself and opened a separate production – Modena Design. This happened in 1991, and a year later, he founded Pagani Automobili Modena.

Meaning and History

Pagani Logo History

The company reflects the bold and creative spirit of its creator, who was not afraid to experiment. It manufactures carbon fiber supercars in small series or customized. Its main and very first project is the Pagani Zonda, presented in 1999. The design of the car was inspired by jet aircraft. In 2011, the Zonda was replaced by a new model – the Huayra. The ideological successor differs from its predecessor in increased power and improved technical characteristics.

At the same time, there is one common element that unites them. This is the Pagani logo, unchanged since 1992. It can be easily identified because it mentions the full brand name: “PAGANI Automobili Modena.” The first word is in capital letters and is located in the middle of a silvery oval. The rest of the lettering is reduced and shifted down closer to the outer border. It has the shape of an inverted arch.

The left half of the logo (just above “PA”) has two letters, “P.” One of them is turned in the opposite direction and is partially painted in blue with a gradient. The second “P” has a familiar layout but is written in an unusual stylized font. These “mirrored” letters form another oval that balances the overall geometry.

The symbol looks three-dimensional not only because of the smooth transition of colors but also because of the lines that form “notches.” The highlighted segments appear to be indentations. They are decorated with small dots along the edges, forming two closed chains. It was in one of these “recesses” that the phrase “Automobili Modena” was located. The large oval has a border. It is separated from the main plane by a wide line with a gradient from dark gray (left) to almost white (right).

The emblem is decorated with a metal badge that adorns cars. With its stylish looks, it represents Pagani as a prestigious hypercar manufacturer and underlines its high profile. The most significant element is the brand name, and all other details only create the background. But among them stands out the figure, consisting of two mirrored letters “P.” It makes the logo recognizable and balances its geometry.

Pagani: Interesting Facts

Pagani Automobili S.p.A., an Italian icon in the supercar realm, shines for its exceptional craftsmanship, engineering prowess, and innovative design.

  1. Horacio Pagani’s Brainchild: Launched in 1992 by Argentine-Italian visionary Horacio Pagani, the brand embodies his dream of harmonizing art with engineering in supercars.
  2. Debut with the Zonda: Unveiled in 1999, the Pagani Zonda made waves for its aesthetic appeal, outstanding performance, and carbon fiber utilization, laying the groundwork for Pagani’s future masterpieces.
  3. Carbon Fibre Mastery: The brand’s remarkable lightweight yet sturdy vehicles owe much to its pioneering use of carbon fiber, a testament to Horacio Pagani’s innovative foresight from his early days at Lamborghini.
  4. The Huayra’s Heritage: Named after the Quechua deity of wind, Huayra-tata, the 2011 Pagani Huayra mirrors this god’s swift and potent nature with design cues that evoke airflow dynamics.
  5. Exclusivity in Craftsmanship: Pagani stands for uniqueness. It crafts each car by hand to meet buyers’ specifications, ensuring a rarity in production numbers annually.
  6. A Fusion of Disciplines: Horacio Pagani insists on merging art with technology in his creations, making each vehicle a masterpiece of engineering and a wonder of aesthetic design.
  7. A Prestigious Reputation: Pagani has ascended to global prominence quickly, rivaling long-established luxury supercar names cherished by enthusiasts and collectors alike.
  8. Setting the Pace: The Pagani Zonda R has clinched the fastest lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, affirming the brand’s engineering excellence.
  9. Personalization at Its Core: Pagani goes above and beyond in customization, offering clients the freedom to personalize their cars with distinct colors, materials, and tailor-made features.
  10. Forward-Thinking Engineering: Beyond carbon fiber, Pagani integrates cutting-edge technologies like active aerodynamics and carbo-titanium composites for enhanced structural integrity and safety.

These insights reflect Pagani’s unwavering dedication to crafting supercars that are not merely vehicles but embodiments of artistic vision and technological advancement, solidifying its status in the automobile world.

Font and Colors

Pagani Emblem

There is no exact typeface that perfectly matches the design of the word “PAGANI.” An approximate copy of it is the Arkitech Font, designed by Neogrey Creative. It is characterized by rounded sans serif letters, which echo the oval shape of the emblem. And for the phrase “Automobili Modena,” a completely different typeface is used: also grotesque, but more subtle and with clearly defined angles.

Pagani Symbol

The designers chose the classic colors for the Pagani logo, which are found in many automakers. The basis is a silver palette of several shades. It creates a metallic effect and makes the logo three-dimensional with a gradient. The brightest part (half of the flattened “P”) is colored blue to dilute the overall gray background.

Pagani color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C