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The Pampers logo is a way of expressing yourself. With its help, the American company shows its commitment to taking care of children, indicated by a bright heart and bubble lettering with softened corners. The symbol of love consists of a yellow ribbon from which four rays emanate as if the heart is glowing from within.

Pampers: Brand overview

Founder:Procter & Gamble
United States

The Pampers brand was founded in 1961 by Victor Mills, a chemical engineer for Procter & Gamble. He was tired of changing his grandson’s cloth diapers, so he challenged his colleagues to create high-quality disposable underwear for babies. P&G researchers immediately took to embodying the idea. This is how the Pampers brand was born and its main product – panties for children. Over time, other hygiene products have been added to the range.

Pampers is a brand whose name has become a household name. The word “pampers” in the modern world refers to a whole group of products: diapers for babies, the elderly, bedridden patients, and others who need special hygiene. Despite this, the American company of the same name produces underwear only for children. Pampers also sells wet wipes.

Meaning and History

Pampers Logo History

Alfred Goldman of the advertising agency Benton & Bowles created the original name. As for the logo, it has changed several times, but all versions always contain the word “Pampers.” Designers used different colors and fonts to decorate it until they came up with iconic turquoise letters with rounded corners.

What is Pampers?

Pampers is the manufacturer of the world’s first disposable diaper. Mass production of underwear for children began in 1961. In the same year, a brand was created that is still owned by the American corporation Procter & Gamble. Over time, wet wipes and other products for children’s hygiene appeared in their assortment.

1961 – 1985

Pampers Logo 1961

The first logo showed the benefit of the new product because it contained the marketing phrase “Instead of a DIAPER” with three dots at the end. The advertising slogan made it clear how profitable it is to use disposable diapers. It was light gray and was in the top row. The first three words were written in cursive, while “DIAPER” was written in bold italics. The lower part of the logo was occupied by the brand name, made in black letters with serifs. The background could have been anything, but a version with a dark red rectangle has been preserved.

1985 – 2000

Pampers Logo 1985

1985 marked a turning point in Pampers’ history as the company began using a single-word logo at that time. It was light blue and had a white background. The inscription was outlined with a gray stripe, located at a slight distance. Narrow letter spacing, combined with vertically-stretched bold type, made the brand name stand out. And the large rounded serifs added originality to it.

2000 – 2012

Pampers Logo 2000

After redesigning in the early 2000s, the word lost its outline and serifs. And a heart appeared above it, depicted in one bright yellow line and complemented by two uneven horizontal stripes on the sides. Three short orange dashes were drawn on top, simultaneously conveying the energy of light and movement. The Pampers company name was written in custom bubble glyphs in turquoise.

2012 – today

Pampers Logo

In 2012, the designers slightly lightened the inscription and smoothed the corners. At the same time, they made the letters seem to jump, for which they changed their length at the bottom. In this version, the wordmark looks non-standard and inspires confidence because of its “childishness.” The heart has become lemon yellow; now it is three-dimensional because the ribbon that forms it folds into a three-dimensional loop. The transition of different shades creates the 3D effect. The two long stripes to the heart’s right and left have disappeared. There are four short dashes on top; they are not orange but transparent blue.

Font and Colors

Pampers Emblem

The Pampers symbol expresses tenderness and love towards children. This is hinted at by the non-aggressive color scheme, the rounded edges of the letters, and the main graphic element of the logo – the heart. Moreover, the strips emanating from it simultaneously denote light and movement energy. That is, there are dynamics in the emblem. In addition, all of the above hints at the exceptional softness of diapers.

The creators of the Pampers logo have developed a unique inscription that has an individual design. It consists of bold letters of approximately the same thickness. They have an asymmetrical shape and rounded corners – in the style of bubble fonts. All glyphs except for the first “P” are lowercase.

Pampers Symbol

The colors are chosen so that there is nothing dark or aggressive in them. The emblem uses gentle but quite bright shades of yellow and turquoise, which, according to the authors’ idea, should inspire confidence, a sense of coziness, and psychological comfort.

Pampers color codes

Maximum Blue GreenHex color:#00b6b6
RGB:0 182 182
CMYK:100 0 0 29
Pantone:PMS 3262 C
Powder BlueHex color:#b9e4e3
RGB:185 228 227
CMYK:19 0 0 11
Pantone:PMS 317 C
Safety YellowHex color:#f3d70b
RGB:243 215 11
CMYK:0 12 95 5
Pantone:PMS 108 C
Golden YellowHex color:#ffe512
RGB:255 229 18
CMYK:0 10 93 0
Pantone:PMS 803 C