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The Parodontax logo represents freshness and cleanliness, as this company produces toothpaste and other oral care products. Despite the lack of obvious images, the logo symbolizes health, care, and gentleness.

Parodontax: Brand overview

Parodontax is a brand of popular products for the cleanliness of teeth and oral cavities. Since 2001, it has been owned by the healthcare division (GSK consumer healthcare) of one of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world – GlaxoSmithKline. In 2022, a complete separation of consumer healthcare under the new name Haleon is expected. The recipe for the remedy was developed 80 years ago by the German dentist Focke. After the acquisition of Madaus KG, it was supplemented with herbal ingredients: echinacea, crameria, chamomile, and mint. The product was presented as a means to combat periodontal disease. Since that time, the recipe has changed several times to improve efficiency. Since 2017, tin fluoride and soda have been the basis of pastes.

Meaning and History

Parodontax Symbol

The Parodontax logo combines eight products and a line of toothbrushes. The visual sign of Parodontax is simple and permanent. It includes only a verbal component and is present on all types of products. However, such minimalism is quite enough for the consumer to get an idea of ​​the brand.

The name’s root is the word Parodont, which means a complex of tissues surrounding the tooth. The word indicates the direction of action of the paste and rinses. And the release of funds by a pharmacological company strengthens the credibility of products in terms of medicinal properties. Such an opinion confirms the ending “ah,” which, perhaps, is an abbreviation for the word axis – direction.

What is Parodontax?

British brand of toothpaste manufactured by GSK consumer healthcare. Implemented in 30 countries. Main production facilities in the UK and Slovakia.

The font of the logo is clear and rounded in lowercase. It looks like pearls and is associated with teeth and cleanliness. The shape of the signs resembles an open mouth for a cleaning procedure. The paste can penetrate the smallest gaps and remove any germs and plaque, cleaning the teeth in a circle. They become even and smooth. Therefore, all letters are streamlined. No frills or extra details.

The lack of capitalization shifts the focus from the product to oral health. The paste is just a care component.

Usually, a visual sign is placed on a white background, which symbolizes purity and dazzling whiteness. Indicates medicine and health. Paradontax products are therapeutic and are designed to address oral problems. In the preparation of recipes, a scientific approach is used.

On the packaging, the emblem is always separated by a graceful line from the lower red part of the box, which symbolizes the effective action of the paste in relation to bleeding and inflammation of the gums. An obligatory graphic element of the composition is a schematic representation of a tooth surrounded by a protective shell.

Font and Colors

Parodontax Emblem

The main color of the inscription is dark blue. From the point of view of psychology, it demonstrates constancy. The product’s purpose and effectiveness have been unchanged for a long time. And to obtain the effect of whitening and getting rid of periodontal disease, you should use the product daily for at least three weeks.

Another role of dark blue, when exposed to the subconscious, is forming a sense of reliability. Large companies with a worldwide reputation often use this color. In pharmaceuticals, patient trust is especially important. Thanks to this choice, Paradontax causes a subconscious disposition in users.

The combination of a dark name on a snow-white background further reinforces the message about health.

The logo’s font is Zurich Std Bold, but with a closer arrangement of letters. With periodontal disease, the tissues do not hold the teeth tightly, and the distance between them increases. The reduction in gaps hints at the firm fit of the teeth, thanks to Paradontax.

Parodontax color codes

Royal BlueHex color:#001f5b
RGB:0 31 91
CMYK:100 66 0 64
Pantone:PMS 2758 C