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Patagonia Logo

Patagonia Logo
Patagonia Logo PNG

Patagonia sportswear brand is unique, as it is the initiator of the so-called circular economy. The history of the company, as well as its logo, is very interesting and instructive and is a classic example of how a hobby of one person can create a new direction of world significance.

Meaning and History

Patagonia Fish Logo

The official creation date of the Patagonia company is 1973. Its founder is mountaineer Yvon Shuinar from the USA. Initially, he was engaged in the production of climbing equipment, but in 1970 from a trip to Austria, he brought home several sports kits that his friends and colleagues liked. And then Yvonne decided to switch to the production of expensive and very high-quality clothing made from natural materials intended for tourism and mountaineering. The founder chose the name for his eco-company in honor of his favorite mountains in South America.

Today, the brand is the largest in its industry; the company was one of the first to master the production of thermal underwear, and also began to use new materials and bright colors in sportswear. Patagonia has its philosophy, which is expressed in every detail of products and unique types of service.

The Patagonia logo is fully consistent with the name – it shows a profile of the Cerro Fitz Roy mountains (Fitzroy Massif) located above the town of El Schalten. The trademark has undergone minor changes over the years of its existence, but the idea has remained original and recognizable.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Patagonia Emblem

The logo was created in collaboration with Yvon Shuinar himself and designer-artist Jocelyn Slack. Yvonne came up with the idea, and the artist embodied it in a visual image. The girl admitted that she had never been to Patagonia, but Yvon’s colorful stories made her want to visit this wonderful land. She tried to embody all these emotions in the emblem itself. For the first time, the emblem appeared on the label of branded products in the 1976 spring collection.

The first emblem was colorful and memorable. It was a rectangular plate with the profile of the Fitz Roy array in black with a white border. Above this is the sky, painted with blue, violet, and orange stripes. On a black background is the name of the brand “ratagonia,” under it to the right is the phrase “There every step of the way.”

Patagonia Symbol

This version remains relevant to this day. In 2011, as new types of products were added, two additional logos were developed:

  1. One black-and-white (mountain profile is black, the sky is white), on a black background, there is a white inscription “ratagonia” in ordinary font, under it in capital letters PROVISIONS.
  2. The second is made in white and blue (the background is white, the profile of the mountains and the inscription is blue). Under the word “Patagonia,” the phrase “On Thames Street” (the name of the hotel chain where climbers stay).

Patagonia Mountain logo

To write the name of the brand, the font Belwe Bold was used – something in between the block letters and capital letters, using serifs. Font author Georg Belve.

The color scheme is unchanged: white, black, blue, soft orange, and purple shades. Bright saturated colors symbolize the color of the Patagonian sky at sunset.