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Payot Logo

Payot Logo
Payot Logo PNG

Payot is a French brand specializing in natural cosmetics for face and body care. He also offers sun protection products. The trademark was founded in 1920 by an emigrant from Odessa Nadia Peyo, who previously worked as a doctor. Now her logo is known all over the world as the products are shipped everywhere.

Meaning and History

Payot Symbol

There are two main versions of the Payot logo to suit different situations. But these are mostly simple symbols with a minimum of detail. The basic emphasis in them is placed on the brand name itself to arouse the lasting affection of those who use this brand’s cosmetics. A competent combination of two elements ensures recognition.

One of the options is distinguished by black color and designation of the location of the trademark. On the top line, there is a large and elongated word “Payot,” on the bottom line – a small and compressed “Paris.” Moreover, the letter “A” in the brand name has one interesting feature: its right diagonal stripe is longer than usual and goes beyond the sign’s boundaries. It is also much wider than the other two. Other symbols have a similar contrast: “P” “Y” “T.” The second version has a different design, emphasizing the shape of some letters and on the underscore.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Payot Emblem

The sleek typeface Sans Serif is used for the inscriptions in the emblem. It is chopped, sans serif, uppercase. Another option is with “P” and “A” serifs. They are completely miniature and do not stand out at all against the general background.