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Love for sport and movement is the main message of the emblem. The Peloton logo hints at the importance of daily hard work, without which achievement is impossible. And for the effectiveness of the lessons, you can use suitable sports equipment.

Peloton: Brand overview

Founded:January 3, 2012
Founder:Graham Stanton, Hisao Kushi, John Foley, Tom Cortese, Yony Feng
New York City, US
Fitness platform Peloton proves that movement is life. She was registered in 2012 but managed to become the main sports motivator for millions of people worldwide. Launched via crowdfunding site Kickstarter in 2013, the American company unveiled its first stationary bike the following year. And not simple, but with progressive electronic components because Peloton is developing software in parallel. The firm’s main income source is interactive fitness equipment, complete with touchscreen displays for watching live broadcasts and recorded workouts.

Meaning and History

Peloton Logo History

The more difficult the situation, the more profit Peloton gets. The latest rise in the price of its shares is associated with the COVID-19 pandemic because due to the closure of gyms, sports fans were forced to work out at home. As a result, the demand for home fitness equipment grew so much that the company briefly limited sales due to a shortage of products.

Stocks hit a new all-time high after an exercise bike manufacturer was implicated in a patent infringement case. Paradoxically, Icon Health and Fitness only boosted Peloton’s popularity with its lawsuit.

What is Peloton?

Peloton is the abbreviated name of the American company Peloton Interactive, which manufactures exercise equipment. It mainly offers exercise equipment (treadmills, stationary bicycles) and programs for connecting them to the Internet. The main office of the manufacturer is located in New York.

Another jump in the share price took place against the backdrop of a scandal over defective pedals. In the second half of 2020, people who bought bicycles began to report leg injuries in large numbers. For safety reasons, the company recalled pedals for 27,000 exercise machines. Oddly enough, the unexpected anti-advertising only strengthened its position in the market for electronic fitness equipment.

By the way, the company’s logo also features pedals, but this is no more than a coincidence because the brand name appeared back in 2012. It was invented by Eric Hwang, a graphic designer from New York. The same person led the team that created the interface for Peloton applications.

Since then, the emblem has never changed, ensuring the manufacturer’s recognition and its interactive products. However, it does not convey the full spectrum of what Peloton does. In addition to stationary bicycles, the company produces treadmills and supports Peloton Digital by broadcasting sports activities online.

Font and Colors

Peloton Emblem

Eric Hwang played with the company’s name and the cycling theme interestingly: he combined them into one logo using the first letter of the word “Peloton.” “P” looks like a white spiral that is superimposed on a black circle. A long diagonal strip with rounded edges runs through them. Its middle is located outside the visibility zone: the line seems to pierce the circle on one side and goes out on the other.

The general appearance of the figure resembles that part of the exercise bike where the pedals are attached. The drawing symbolizes movement – and not just literally. In addition to sports, this implies the constant development of a fitness portal. The design seems minimalistic, but this is only at first glance: the image consists of many small details.

Peloton Symbol

The font for the “Peloton” lettering was invented by the same designer Eric Hwang who made the logo. He used Futura and Brandon Grotesque letterings as a base. The modification is a strict sans-serif typeface.

The main version of the logo is black and white. There are also options with red or orange “P” and gray text.

Peloton color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What is the Peloton logo?

The Peloton logo is a harmonious combination of graphics and text. The icon on the left is a stylized construction of the pedal assembly in the assembly. It is commonly used in the company’s bicycles and resembles the letter P. On the right is its name, represented by a subtle grotesque.

What color is the Peloton logo?

Peloton’s commercial marketing guidelines are for the brand logo to be visible on any background. Therefore, the company prefers a contrasting palette. According to e recommendations, the logo on the simulator, located on a light floor, must be black, on a dark floor – white.