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The simple Pergo logo symbolizes the company’s simple solutions for finishing floors. The manufacturer produces a huge range of floor coverings in different styles, so the logo looks minimalist and universal and fits in with all building materials.

Pergo: Brand overview

Founder:Mohawk Industries (2012)

Pergo is the brand that invented laminate flooring—owned by American Mohawk Industries since 2012. Sales go all over the world. The Pergo logo combines three types of coatings: vinyl, wood, and laminate.

Initially, the manufacturer Pergo did not deal with floor coverings. In 1881, Stensmölla, in the Chemical Engineering Industry, produced wood alcohol, acetic acid, and tar. However, new chemical discoveries prompted the owner Wilhelm Wendt to start manufacturing laminates in 1920. And since 1966, the company has been closely focused on laminates and plastics, changing its name to Perstorp. The Pergo brand was born in 1977. It was the world’s first laminate flooring and is still a leader today.

Meaning and History

Pergo Logo History

The company logo has changed once. This was due to the loss of relevance. The emblem did not reflect the full range of the brand’s offerings.

What is Pergo?

It is a leading Swedish flooring brand owned by the American concern Iroquois and offers wood, vinyl, and laminate floors. The first product of the series was patented in 1977. The modern name of the brand appeared in the 90s.


Pergo Old Logo

Pergo’s initial logo was created based on the firm’s main product, laminate. It consisted of an image and an inscription.

In the first place was a square formed from separate stripes. They depicted laminate boards that form a flat and neat floor. One of the stripes in the center was divided into two vertical parts. The top is painted in the color of the sea wave. The details showed the joining of the boards in a mosaic order and hinted at the company’s patented technology of vertical connection of locks in 1999. This suggests that the presented logo was designed after 1999.

Further, the company’s name is written on the logo at a distance of one laminate strip. All letters are capitalized. The height corresponds to a square. The geometric interconnection of all elements of the emblem created a sense of order, precision, and harmony.

Capital letters showed the power of the company, its leading position, and the demand for its products worldwide. The name Pergo itself is short for Perstorp Golv (Swedish for Perstorp flooring). The brand name began to be used only ten years after the coatings entered the market.

This shows that the company owners were less concerned with visual identity issues and more focused on new technologies. Therefore, the company owns most of the ideas that have raised the quality and appearance of laminate flooring to a new level.


Pergo New Logo

In 2012, the Swedish firm was acquired by American coatings leader Mohawk Industries. Thanks to the new owners, by 2013, the list of Pergo products has expanded significantly. Therefore, the use of the laminate icon in the logo has become irrelevant. It was removed, leaving one inscription.

By this time, Pergo coatings had an excellent reputation and were sold all over the world and, therefore, did not need an eye-catching visual identity. It was enough to say the word Pergo, and the buyers knew what they were talking about. Therefore, the owners limited themselves to the letter logo.

The black inscription is associated with wood burning. It is stylish, clear, and sans-serif. Like the coatings from the brand, they make the floors even and geometrically balanced. All parts of products with clear, regular boundaries are easily joined.

Next to the name is always a registered trademark icon – the letter R in a circle.

Font and Colors

Pergo Emblem

The brand logos use gray and black colors:

  • Gray – used for the square symbolizing the laminate. This is a calm and stylish shade. It often prevails in Swedish interiors. Therefore, gray stripes evoked the necessary associations.
  • Black – the color of the inscription. Reflects power and market leadership, suitable for solid production.

Pergo Symbol

A bold font from the Futura family was chosen for the logo. Massive letters added solidity to the image.

Pergo color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C