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Petzl: Brand overview

Founded in the 1970s in the French Alps by cave explorer and speleological equipment pioneer Fernand Petzl, the French company Petzl is known for creating specialized lighting equipment. This equipment, ranging from headlamps to flashlights, is used in a variety of outdoor activities, including mountaineering and speleology.

Petzl’s wide range of products includes popular items such as the Tikka universal headlamp, lightweight carabiners, and various climbing accessories such as harnesses and turnbuckles. The company made a name for itself in the industry by developing a modern headlamp design with the introduction of the Petzl Zoom flashlight in 1978. This revolutionary product could be attached to a helmet, providing hands-free illumination.

Petzl products are widely used by outdoor enthusiasts and athletes, but they are also integral to a number of professional fields. Industrial workers, military personnel, and firefighters are among those who utilize Petzl’s state-of-the-art lighting products.

From creating battery packs that can be attached to headbands to developing waterproof LED flashlights and even hybrid gas-electric lighting, Petzl’s innovations have earned high praise. The pursuit of innovation is matched by an increased focus on product quality: production facilities in France and China ensure that products meet high standards.

The company has achieved a global presence, exporting its equipment to more than 60 countries. It remains popular with climbers, mountaineers, and speleologists who appreciate its high-performance and reliable lighting solutions. Despite its international scale, Petzl remains a privately held company, run by the founder’s son, Paul Petzl, and employs around 750 people worldwide.

Petzl’s motto, “Made to save lives,” emphasizes its unwavering commitment to creating quality and durable equipment that can withstand use in extreme conditions.

Meaning and History

Petzl Logo History

What is Petzl?

For over 40 years, Petzl has been a trusted supplier of superior climbing, caving, and high-altitude gear. This reputation has been built thanks to the vision of its founder, Fernand Petzl. Founded in 1975, this French company is constantly breaking new ground in ingenuity and reliability, producing gear specifically designed to meet the needs of climbers, speleologists, and all outdoor enthusiasts.


Petzl Old Logo


Petzl Logo

The Petzl logo has a recognizable silhouette shape. The cutouts in the letters resemble mountains or climbing tools, indicating the company’s specialization in climbing gear. Rounded frame edges and connected glyphs give the logo a unique style that sets it apart from other brands. The bold font combined with the black color looks modern and professional. It shows the company’s commitment to innovation.

The logo resembles a mini-story told through shapes and letters. The bold black letters are reminiscent of the strong ropes used in rock climbing, secure and sturdy. It’s a great way to tell everyone that the company is a leading brand for serious climbing gear without flaunting it.

Petzl color codes

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Pantone:PMS Black 6 C