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Strength and regal posture show through the symbols of the logo Peugeot. The concern’s cars attract the attention of confident and wealthy customers. The body’s brilliance and the ideal silent operation of the engine allow the car to glide along the road like a stalking predatory animal.

Peugeot: Brand overview

Founded: 26 September 1810
Founder: Armand Peugeot
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Peugeot is a French automotive giant that is part of the Stellantis group and is engaged in manufacturing several types of transport equipment. It is the oldest enterprise in the country that has been active to this day. The company was founded in 1810 by Armand Peugeot. The head office with legal and administrative bodies is located in Paris, building on the Ave de la Grande Armée. Production sites are concentrated in the city of Sochaux (France).

Meaning and History

Peugeot Logo History

The founder of the famous brand was a private manufactory, organized at the beginning of the 19th century by the Peugeot family from the Valentigny commune of Montbéliard district (Franche-Comté region). She made saws and quickly developed into a steel mill. Then one half of the company went into bicycles and motorcycles, and the other half went into cars.

In 1896, the company split into two parts, one of which was the Société des Automobiles Peugeot. In 1920, she merged again with the bicycle and motorcycle company Cycles Peugeot. The official registration of the trademark took place in November 1858 at the initiative of Emile Peugeot (the founder’s son). Moreover, the logo rarely changed, except design edits: there were sixteen of them.

1810 – 1850

Peugeot Logo 1810-1850

The lion was originally on the emblem:

  1. It marks the place where the steel plant appeared because it is present on the coat of arms of the commune of Valentigney.
  2. It symbolizes the power and strength of the saws that the company produced.
  3. The boom-walking predator is a testament to the speed, stability, and flexibility of Peugeot saw blades.

Especially for this, the artist drew protruding muscles on the animal. The logo is made in black and white.

1850 – 1889

Peugeot Logo 1850-1889

The designer made the image of a lion more embossed and formidable, for which he added shadows. The color palette is still monochrome. One important clarification: during this period, the Peugeot family officially registered the lion as its trademark, which personified the speed and power of bicycles and motorcycles. This happened in 1858.

1889 – 1910

Peugeot Logo 1889-1910

During this period, the company released its first car and redesigned the emblem. The authors corrected the lion: they removed the aggressive expression and muscles, added realism to the features, lengthened the tail, and painted the arrowhead black.

1905 – 1910

Peugeot Logo 1905-1910

In parallel with the previous logo, the company’s management approved another one – for marking transport equipment. The artists placed the lion in the center of the vertical oval. The animal is depicted against the background of wheel spokes. Behind the frame are impromptu swirling ribbons with the words “Peugeot” at the top, “Paris” at the bottom. They are executed in neat, legible handwriting. The authors of the logo removed the arrow and replaced it with a thin pole.

1910 – 1927

Peugeot Logo 1910-1927

An image of a roaring lion was presented as a 3D figurine. The predator has become voluminous due to correctly distributed shadows and highlights on the body. The animal looks to the right and growls menacingly, releasing its claws on its left front paw, and presses the arrow against the stone with its right.

1927 – 1936

Peugeot Logo 1927-1936

During this period, the company used the previous version, but not 3D. The emblem is now flat for easy printing. A black rectangle covers the boulder and one hind leg with the brand name. The word “Peugeot” is printed in strict chopped uppercase. The letters are wide, powerful, echoing the image of a lion. Depressions “U” and “G” look like the open mouth of a predator.

1936 – 1948

Peugeot Logo 1936-1948

This period is the legendary beginning of the colored Peugeot emblems. The lion, reminiscent of earlier versions, is again depicted facing left and standing on a narrow arrow. The animal’s tail is taken from the logo of 1889; the rest is a symbiosis of the first brand names. The only difference is the classic shield with a frame and dark stripes at the bottom. The background is painted yellow, the strokes, the lion, and the surrounding details are painted in dark blue.

1948 – 1950

Peugeot Logo 1948-1950

The artists “put” the animal on its hind legs. And the front lion pulled forward and released its claws. The mouth is open, and a long tongue sticks out of it. The background is a heraldic symbol (presumably a vertical banner) with a black background and gray combs.

1950 – 1960

Peugeot Logo 1950-1960

The artists removed the background heraldry and repainted the lion. Therefore, a black predator with an open mouth and a raised tail stands on a white background. The image is two-dimensional.

1955 – 1960

Peugeot Logo 1955-1960

At the same time, another version was used – in the form of a triangular shield with painted corners. In this version, the lion is not massive but graceful, with thin paws and extended claws. The tail, as before, is figuratively raised and curved, resembling a flower with a bud and leaves – a heraldic lily. Above the animal is written the word “Peugeot” with a shortened ladder of the letter “E.”

1960 – 1964

Peugeot Logo 1960-1964

The designers enlarged the lion and placed it ahead with a shaggy mane on the shield. The predator growls and looks menacingly, demonstrating confidence and power.

1964 – 1976

Peugeot Logo 1964-1976

In 1964, the company dramatically changed the logo style: now, it is dominated by hard strokes, precise lines, and sharp angles. The triangular background was replaced by a square one, and the lion looks like an Egyptian deity with rectangular ears and trapezoidal strands of mane. The predator growls and displays formidable fangs.

1976 – 1998

Peugeot Logo 1976-1998

The concept of the logo was again subjected to major changes: the proportions of the lion and the lettering were reversed. Above appeared a tiny lion, standing on its hind legs, and below – the huge word “Peugeot.” The monochrome palette has been preserved.

1998 – 2002

Peugeot Logo 1998-2002

The designers took up the idea reflected in the previous logo. But this time, they made the lion bigger, balancing it with the bottom caption, so both the predator and the text look harmonious. In addition, a blue square has appeared to replace the background.

2002 – 2010

Peugeot Logo 2002-2010

The developers have combined the heraldic lion and the brand name, placing them in one square. The right side of the animal is slightly shaded.

2010 – 2021

Peugeot Logo 2010-2021

Now the emblem is used, stylized as a metal figurine of an animal. Although the pose of the lion has not changed, it has acquired anthropomorphic features. The color of the emblem is light and consists of a combination of white, gray, and blue.

2021 – today

Peugeot Logo 2021-present

In 2018, designers began adapting the 1960 Peugeot e-Legend symbol. It is supposed to come to replace the current logo. The image on the emblem is not much different from the earlier version – only in the font with which the word “Peugeot” is written above the lion’s head.

From the very beginning, the identity of the automotive company was associated with the image of a powerful, confident and strong lion. It never disappeared from the logo but only changed based on the concept. It is a show of respect for the area in which the legendary brand originated and a demonstration of the superiority of the products produced under this brand.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Peugeot Emblem

In 1998, the logo featured the Castle T Bold typeface designed by Steve Jackaman and published by the URW Type Foundry. The author of another of the fonts is graphic artist Christophe Badani.

Peugeot Symbol

The color of the logo has always been restrained and was black and white. If colorfulness did appear, it was only in limited quantities. For example, a combination of yellow and blue or white and blue. There are also different shades of gray – from graphite to silver-metallic.

Peugeot color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C