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Mystery and energy are hidden under the hat of the emblem. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts logo envelops the viewer in magic and takes them to a world where evil and betrayal are burned to the ground. You must be careful in your words and deeds; the kidnappers are not asleep.

Phantom Thieves of Hearts: Brand overview

Founder:Shigenori Soejima
Tokyo, Japan
Phantom Thieves of Hearts is a group of characters from the Japanese role-playing video game Persona 5. She leads a kind of protest against crime, stealing the hearts of those who violated the law and morality. The main characters force the villains to confess and repent. Moreover, they operate secretly in a fictional universe called the Metaverse. For the first time, this team appeared in 2020 in Tokyo (Japan) as part of a project by Atlus studio. Its creator is video game designer Shigenori Soejima.

Meaning and History

Phantom Thieves of Hearts Symbol

In the game, which is part of a major media franchise, Megami Tensei, the characters come together to fight evil. It is expressed in illegal actions and in the anger of others who dishonestly treat nearby ones.

In the fifth version, a group of socially different elements is assembled. They are united by only one thing – revenge for injustice. Each character is veiled: they have themed costumes, masks, and codenames with which they appear in the Metaverse.

The game’s main character is named Phantom Thief and the nickname Joker. He is a sophomore in high school. Another protagonist of Phantom Thieves of Hearts is Morgana (or Mona), which is a fantasy creature resembling a cat. The team also includes Ryuji Sakamoto (nickname Skull), Ann Takamaki (Panther), and several other characters. There are twelve of them in total. Despite the difference in looks, appearance, and personal costumes, they have a common sign – a black top hat.

Shigenori Soejima developed the logo and color scheme because he captured the characters’ characters better than others. In this case, the group is united by a black and red logo – flaming, like a desire to fix the world for the better or to burn it. The centerpiece of the emblem is a tall, curved-brimmed hat, the kind used by magicians for their tricks. She is justifiably in her place since the characters secretly steal hearts in the hope of remaking a person.

The cylinder shows black vertical shadows located to the right and left of the center. Below is a red heart-shaped leaf engulfed in white flames. The two upper segments in it are rounded and curved, which is very reminiscent of the horns of Satan. The curved lines are wide, with sharp edges at the ends of the protrusions, diverging to the sides.

Under the graphic, the developers have placed the original inscription “Take Your Heart.” Multi-format symbols are out of tune: some are even and smooth, others are diagonal with a tilt to the left, and still, others are black on a miniature rectangular background. Moreover, the rest of the letters are white since they have a dark substrate. “T,” “A,” “K,” “Y,” “R,” and “T” are in all caps and are much larger than the others. And “e,” “u,” and “h” are made in lower case and are on a kind of “sheets.”

Font and Colors

Phantom Thieves of Hearts Emblem

The different size of the signs adds mystery to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts logo since all the characters in the video game act incognito. At the same time, the lines of the symbols are even and smooth, and the legs are wide.

The original colors belong to the classic scheme: red and black. This is a fatal combination, testifying to high tension, peak emotionality, seething passions. The letters are neutral white in contrast to the graphic elements.

Phantom Thieves of Hearts color codes

RedHex color:#ff0000
RGB:255 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 0
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C