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The Phish logo represents the mix of genres the band plays in. Graphic stylization is like musical improvisation in the song world. It is subtle and unusual but elegant as if woven from weightless lines, accessible only to a select few. The art of creating melodies is consonant with the talent of capturing the smallest waves of the heart.

Phish: Brand overview

Founded:1983 – 2004, 2008 – present
Founder:Trey Anastasio, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, Jeff Holdsworth
Burlington, Vermont, U.S.

This is a rock band from the USA, known for their improvisations, genre mixing, reggae, folk, jazz, psychedelic, and progressive rock. It consists of four people: keyboardist (Page McConnell), drummer (Jon Fishman), bassist (Mike Gordon), as well as guitarist and vocalist in one person (Trey Anastasio). At the time of the team’s founding in 1983, its members were different: the current line-up was formed in 1986. The place of its appearance is the city of Burlington, Vermont. There is only one Phish logo, but it reflects the concept of the musicians.

The beginnings of this group stretches from UVM (University of Vermont) – when three students decided to unite to play improvisations. They presented their first performance at the Harris Millis Cafeteria, performing several classic rock covers. There were a couple more concerts, after which an almost year-long pause occurred as the university administration expelled Trey Anastasio due to an inappropriate prank.

Returning home, the guitarist created a duet with Tom Marshall. They composed several songs and demoed them. Then the friends together created compositions for Phish for a long time. At the end of 1984, Trey returned to Burlington and resumed collaborating with the former musicians. But before performing in front of the public, they chose a name for their group. Now rockers indicate different factors of its origin.

Meaning and History

Phish Logo History

According to one version, the word Phish is an onomatopoeia of the blow of a brush on a drum, such as “phshhhh.” According to another, the name comes from a shortened form of the name of the drummer Jon Fishman. But he denies this fact, saying that the name of their musical group comes from the sound of an airliner taking off. In any case, this nickname was taken as the basis for the logo. It was developed by Anastasio, who came up with an unusual fish: transparent, with a stylized name inside. From the very beginning, it reflected the extraordinary style of the group’s songs, their approach to creativity, and an unusual repertoire.

Of course, the logo of the band, for which the musicians came up with the name Phish, depicts a fish—but stylized. It is combined with the text, so this identity can be called graphic-verbal. Oddly enough, the emblem idea is absurd because an underwater inhabitant a priori cannot make sounds, let alone sing. In such contrast, the sign of the visual identity of those who do not sing but improvise is built. The main feature of the team is a mixture of genres and jams.

What is Phish?

Phish is an American rock band consisting of four musicians. Her main style is a mixture of genres. Guitarist and vocalist Trey Anastasio founded the band. Time of appearance – 1983. Location: Burlington, Vermont.

Phish Symbol

The outer shell of the fish follows the contours of printed characters, so it does not have an even border. Only the tail and head are recognizable. The tail section is classic, divided into two parts and decorated with small strokes—a head with a low forehead and a large protruding eye. Bubbles go up from the closed mouth, presumably filled with sounds. The fish’s body is made up of letters that look like scales or ribs.

The central place is occupied by a lowercase “i.” It is large, barrel-shaped, similar to the leg of a mushroom. To the right and left of it are the capital “H” and “S.” They are also unusually curved and bear little resemblance to standard letters. There is a “P” on one end and an “H” on the other. Her right leg’s upper part looks like a dorsal fin fragment.

Font and Colors

Phish Emblem

The typeface in the Phish logo is individual. Each letter is a hand-drawn graphic, not a typographic character. The color scheme in the official logo is monochrome. The brilliance is present only on a few album covers. But the combination of black and white is considered the standard.

Phish color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C