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The Pinarello logo can be found on sports, casual and electronic models worldwide. The famous bicycle brand is proud of its logo, which symbolizes its rich history and connection with two-wheeled transport. The Pinarello logo embodies dizzying speed, unimaginable curves, adrenaline, and vivid emotions.

Pinarello: Brand overview

Founder:Giovanni Pinarello
Treviso, Italy

Pinarello is a family-owned cycling company from Italy with a 70-year history. Annually produces up to 26,000 bicycles. Since 2016, it has been owned by the American joint-stock company L Catterton.

The story of Pinarello is the story of a man whose whole life was filled with bicycles. Being one of 12 children, Giovanni went to the factory at the age of 15. His first bicycle assembly job gradually grew into his own business in 1952 when the first shop was opened. As a cyclist, Pinarello was able to offer excellent handmade models on which famous athletes won victories. This path of success led to the massive expansion and worldwide fame.

Meaning and History

Pinarello Logo History

The visual symbol was changed only once, but not significantly. Both in the original and in the modern style, they retained the name and a special icon that distinguishes the brand.

What is Pinarello?

World famous manufacturer of bicycles and accessories for racing, triathlon, urban, and mountain roads. They were founded in 1952 in Italy by cyclist Pinarello.

1994 – 2016

Pinarello Logo 1994

The Pinarello sign is an ode to streamlining and dynamism. Smooth, rounded letters with a forward slope symbolize speed, the desire to win, and cycling.

The red sign above the letter R, rising to the sky, adds to the unusualness of the logo. It is associated with the following:

  • A whirlwind rushing forward and raising clouds of igniting dust.
  • A bicycle handlebar that was caught on camera.
  • Funnel tornado, moving and capturing everything around, like a group of cyclists flying to the finish line on Pinarello.

The image fits perfectly with the cycling flagship that sponsors famous racing teams. A red racer who sits on a black letter model gives it the energy to move.

The company has a strong solid foundation in the form of knowledge and experience, which is indicated by a large black name. And the driving force for creating new models is a hot mind and a love for bicycles. They are symbolized by a red sign rising like a sail.

2016 – today

Pinarello Logo

In 2016, the family company, led by the founder’s children, was sold to new owners – a large concern that brings together luxury brands. They did a little rebranding. By correctly placing the accents in the existing logo, the shareholders have achieved a more modern, bright, and accurate reflection of the essence of the Pinarello company.

The new visual sign has become more compact, grouped like a sprinter flying to the finish line. The letters were brought together, forming a single whole out of them. On the surface, traces of the dissection of the air are visible due to the rapid movement. They slide over the top of the P, I, R, and O. The elements made the font sharp and added a sharpness, a jerk.

The sharp bottom of the tornado badge has fallen into the recess between A and R and looks like a burning torch of the Olympic Games, the flame that blows back from fast movement. Visually, the symbol has been reduced.

All the logo details seem to hold onto each other, forming a common composition.

Font and Colors

Pinarello Emblem

Black and red are the perfect combinations to convey the idea of ​​speed. They are associated with tango dance, the unity of opposites, and perpetual motion.

  • Black – reliability, power, bike lubricant, tire color, and handicraft.
  • Red – dynamism, speed, and love for one’s work.

Pinarello Symbol

There is no exact font match. It is similar to the modified italic from Trivia Gothic X2 Expanded Bold Italic.

Pinarello color codes

LustHex color:#e40011
RGB:228 0 17
CMYK:0 100 93 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C