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Pink Floyd Logo

Pink Floyd Logo
Pink Floyd Logo PNG

Pink Floyd is a legendary rock band famous for its epic shows, profound lyrics, acoustic experiments, and long compositions. The official period of its emergence is considered to be 1965. The collective entered the stage two years earlier but under a different name.

Meaning and History

Pink Floyd Logo History
Evolution of the Pink Floyd Logo

Pink Floyd owns many graphic symbols because, for the band members, designing emblems was once as important an aspect of creativity as making music. However, until 1985 they did not have a specific logo. Pictures and test elements from the covers of new albums, which were regularly published since 1967, were used as temporary signs. Recently, musicians have often used one of the recognizable symbols: a multicolored rainbow strip with a zigzag line. Above it is the name of the band in Rockwell script.

1967 – 1972

Pink Floyd Logo 1967-1972

The band’s first emblem was a simple “Pink Floyd” inscription. Word layout, font, style were constantly changing. The name for the rock band was chosen by one of its ideologues – Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett. Without thinking twice, he combined the blues artists’ names Pink Anderson and the Floyd Council.

1973 – 1978

Pink Floyd Logo 1973-1978

The most memorable image of Pink Floyd was a triangular prism through which a ray passed, refracting and decaying into the entire spectrum of colors. This drawing became the main decoration of The Dark Side of the Moon. Its author is Storm Elvin Thorgerson. The graphic designer took into account the angle of deflection of the light wave from the point of view of physics and paid special attention to contrast: the rainbow colors stand out brightly against the black background.

1979 – 1985

Pink Floyd Logo 1979-1985

In 1979 there was a new album called The Wall. This moment turned out to be a turning point: the “brick” cover featured the phrase “Pink Floyd,” which eventually became the logo. The inscription was guessed by the handwriting of Gerald Scarfe – the man who made many animations for the group. Subsequently, typographers developed the Floydian typeface based on the logo.

1985 – 2011

Pink Floyd Logo 1985-2011

In 1985 bassist Roger Waters left the band, leaving guitarist David Gilmour free to act. The new chapter decided that the band needed official emblems, so shortly before the Division Bell compilation was published, it had its monogram symbol, consisting of an uppercase “P” and a lowercase “f.” A little later, a logo was created called The Boatman, in which the “P,” “F,” “D,” and “G” were encrypted.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Pink Floyd Emblem

Strict frames do not limit the corporate identity of Pink Floyd: the band members approached this issue creatively. They have accumulated many iconic logos, such as the triangular prism refracted beam or The Boatman monogram.

Each album had its original design, so the appearance of the inscriptions was constantly changing. For example, the cover of The Wall uses a thin handwritten typeface with sweeping letters – a sample of Gerald Scarfe’s handwriting.

Pink Floyd Symbol

The classic palette of Pink Floyd is a contrasting combination of black, white, and all the colors of the rainbow. It became famous right after the release of The Dark Side of the Moon in 1973.