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Each product of the company contains a bright, cheerful Playmobil logo, reflecting the essence of the brand. It combines confident lettering in a fun style with a playful symbol for the manufacturer’s flagship product. The elements are arranged in such a way that some of the letters are superimposed on the graphic figure. This makes the logo more stylish and modern and emphasizes the company’s creativity. The visual concept is also complemented by a beautiful color palette created by multiple shades of the same base color.

Playmobil: Brand overview

Founder:Geobra Brandstätter GmbH

Playmobil is a popular German brand that produces original children’s toys. The main part of the range consists of figurines in the form of miniature men and animals, as well as products made in the form of vehicles, buildings, and various accessories. The company’s main office is located in Zirndorf (Germany), but the products are supplied not only to local stores but also abroad.

Playmobil is one of the leading German toy manufacturers. He became famous for his signature design in the form of a man with a smiling face. The inventor of the figurine wanted to create not only a beautiful but also a toy that is convenient for children’s hands. As a result, he presented a product that fits in the palm of a child and has sufficient flexibility. Later, miniature copies of animals, vehicles, and other items also appeared in the assortment.

Meaning and history

Playmobil Logo History

Generally, the brand’s work can be described in two words – stability and gradual improvement. This is what manifests itself at the level of visual identity. For all the time the company has changed its logo only once, which indicates stability. But, at the same time, Playmobil actively introduced new technologies and improved products. Innovation and development can be seen in the later version of the logo that is currently in use.

What is Playmobil?

Playmobil is a well-known toy manufacturer of German origin. The company’s assortment includes sets and individual models, which are miniature copies of real items. The basis is unique figurines of little men, which have special attachments for other products on their hands. The brand is currently managed by the Brandstätter Group and headquartered in Zirndorf.

1974 – 1976

Playmobil Logo 1974

The history of famous Playmobil brand was started by the German inventor Hans Beck. It was he who presented the company’s signature toy in 1974. Before that, he spent three years doing research that allowed him to create an incredibly comfortable and beautiful toy for children. Later, the manufacturer presented his subsequent developments to the world, which small buyers liked.

At a certain period, Playmobil was even a direct competitor to the giant Lego. From the moment the first toy was released until 1976, the company used a stylish multi-component logo. It contained a neat rectangle, a massive rounded inscription, a contrasting badge, and a thin additional word mark. The presented composition evoked associations with a friendly atmosphere of fun and carelessness.

The inscription itself was located on two levels. The top one was occupied by the brand’s name, made in large soft letters. The lower inscription was the word System, decorated with thin, graceful lines. This design demonstrated a reverent attitude to the production of toys and confidence in high quality.

A single concept was diluted with a contrasting icon in the form of a black circle with the letter b inside. It was painted white, and the roundness a rich red tint. This badge emphasizes the uniqueness of the toys that the brand represents. In addition, the logo emphasized professionalism and integrity. This was demonstrated by the blue background color and the white color in which the letters were painted.

1976 – today

Playmobil Logo

In 1976, the brand received a new, more modern logo that more clearly showed the main message. The new badge conveyed limitless possibilities, friendliness, and high-quality products. The first characteristic was manifested in the absence of a frame, and additional features were reflected in a well-chosen font. Unlike the previous version, only one inscription was used here – Playmobil.

The wordmark was supplemented with an abstract image of a smiling face to create a playful effect. This drawing has become a symbol of toys that the manufacturer produces. It is associated with kindness, joy, fun, and friendliness – those feelings that arise while playing with Playmobil products. A distinctive feature is the coloring, consisting of several shades of blue and white. This design option demonstrates reliability and safety.

Font and Colors

Playmobil Emblem

The main message of the Playmobil logo is friendliness, professionalism, and high quality. The manufacturer’s characteristics were conveyed through a well-chosen font, graphic figure, and light colors. For the inscription, the designers chose a rather bold font, which is distinguished by rounded lines without right angles and sharp transitions.

It gives the impression of comfort, security, and loyalty. Most of the letters also have open forms, which demonstrates the constant development and the desire for renewal. Favorably emphasizes the advantages of the brand and also coloring. Its feature is the presence of two shades of blue. The darker one is used for the figure, and the lighter one is used for the title.

Playmobil Symbol

They symbolize professionalism, safety, and reliability. The traditional white color is used for the background – a symbol of responsibility and integrity. The chosen format fully describes the German brand and conveys its attitude toward the production of exclusive toys.

Playmobil color codes

Spanish Sky Blue SandHex color:#00aeef
RGB:0 174 239
CMYK:100 27 0 6
Pantone:PMS 801 C
French BlueHex color:#0375bd
RGB:3 117 189
CMYK:98 38 0 26
Pantone:PMS 7461 C