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The sharp elements of the Prince logo convey an impulsive and energetic image of a showman. A versatile personality immediately attracts attention. The emblem makes it clear that the actor is not afraid to take on different projects and successfully performs in each of them.

Prince: Brand overview

Founded:1975 – 2016
Founder:Prince Rogers Nelson
Minnesota, U.S.
Prince is one of the stage names of the American singer, actor, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and songwriter Prince Rogers Nelson. He had a wide vocal range and performed in various genres – from jazz to R&B. During his career, the musician has released 39 albums, but some believe that 50 more are stored in his home not presented to the public. Moreover, he has become the best-selling performer of all time – over 150 million of his records have been sold worldwide. Prince was born in 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and died in 2016 in Chanhassen. He has received many top honors and awards: Grammy, Billboard Icon, Academy Award, Golden Globe. In 2004, his name was entered in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Meaning and History

Prince Logo History

Prince Rogers Nelson grew up in a family of musicians: his mother Mattie Della sang jazz, and his father John Lewis Nelson (better known as Prince Rogers) played the piano and wrote music. As a little boy, the future performer had epilepsy, but he came to his mother one day and said that he would not be sick anymore because the angel told him so. His odious personality was visible from childhood: at the age of seven, Prince mastered the piano, at thirteen – the guitar, at fourteen – drummers. At the age of seven, he wrote his first song.

When the boy was ten years old, his parents divorced. He did not find a common language either with his stepfather or with his brother, so he actually lived in two houses – with his mother, then with his father, and when he kicked him out, he settled in the basement of the Andersons family (neighbors). The teenager became friends with their son Andre (he later became known as André Cymone), with whom he subsequently maintained a collaboration. In addition, the young man played basketball and ballet.

Prince Rogers Nelson’s career began with a semi-family group called 94 East. This allowed him to record several tracks and demos. Local businessman Owen Husney listened to one of them and decided to act as a producer. He helped the young singer to sign a contract with Warner Bros. Records. Gradually, the performer’s career went up: he independently composed words and melodies for songs arranged them. Moreover, the musician began to break away from the usual rhythms and introduced individuality into the compositions, combining lyrical soul with dance funk.

In addition, he created and closed groups, recorded many albums, experimented, challenged contracts, changed creative pseudonyms. One of them was unpronounceable – this sign had no analogs. It was named Love Symbol. The emblems on the music compilations were greatly varied and always corresponded to the eclectic content.

1984 – 2016

Prince Logo 1984

There is another legendary logo associated with the great musician. It is textual. There is only one inscription on it – “Prince.” The word is written in angular handwriting. It has a semi-connected structure: only the letters in the syllables “rin” and “ce” are united with each other. The rest are located separately. The strokes are sharp, pointed at the ends, but smooth and confident. The inscription is painted in the original lilac neon spectrum.

1992 – 2016

Prince Logo 1992

The most famous “personal mark” Prince still remains a complex graphic design without pronunciation. She is his main business card. The logo depicts an icon in the shape of a scepter (or ankh – Egyptian cross), an arrow, and a male symbol. And one of the expanding stripes resembles a horn.

The upper part of the icon is a wide ring. It is separated from the rest by a slightly curved line that looks like a spiral on one side and like a loudspeaker on the other. Further down, an arrow is directed, complemented by a horizontal lintel in the style of the Old English knightly decor or the key of life – the cult symbol of the ancient Egyptians.

Font and Colors

Prince Emblem

The personal sign with which the cult performer associated himself has no text. In other cases, a handwritten grotesque was used that corresponded to the character and creativity of the American musician.

Prince Symbol

Prince’s albums and posters were painted in numerous colors, but purple is considered to be the trademark. Pantone Inc., in 2017, dedicated her new lilac color HTML # 4F3D63 to him, which she named after the singer.

Prince color codes

IndigoHex color:#470d88
RGB:71 13 136
CMYK:48 90 0 47
Pantone:PMS Medium Purple C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C