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Propel Water logo is a minimalist yet rich creation by the design agency Vault49, specializing in packaging and labeling. The emblem comprises marketing details and carries a unique sign cleverly hidden within the letter “O.” This sign is a zigzag-shaped, red geometric figure mimicking a lightning bolt. The icon indicates the high energy concentration in the water, all while maintaining zero calories. The logo features an inscription in slanted blue lowercase letters.

One of the eye-catching elements of the logo is the red lightning bolt figure encapsulated in the letter “O.” Red is a color frequently associated with energy, passion, and action. Its zigzag form and multiple points bring attention to the high energy concentration of the water. This subtle design choice mirrors Propel Water’s promise of an energizing drink that doesn’t compromise health with added calories. The red lightning bolt is more than just an artistic endeavor; it’s a powerful message about the product’s unique selling proposition.

The color blue used for the text signifies trust and reliability. Blue is calming and often associated with depth and stability, suggesting the product is dependable and harmonious for the body. The slanted, lowercase font adds a dynamic flair to the logo, alluding to the active lifestyle the brand encourages.

The minimalist approach of the logo works in its favor, making it easily recognizable and direct in its messaging. Complex logos can often dilute the essence of a brand, but Propel Water’s emblem successfully avoids that pitfall. Its minimalist design ensures that each component serves a purpose, be it to express energy, reliability, or lifestyle aspirations.

The logo tells a coherent story by integrating these individual elements— the red lightning bolt, the blue text, and the slanted font. It addresses the brand’s commitment to energize and refresh without adding calories to one’s diet. The distinctiveness of the emblem does not just make it stand out but also plays a pivotal role in defining what the product is all about. Every aspect of the design comes together to provide a snapshot of the brand’s core values and benefits, making it an effective tool for consumer engagement.

Propel Water: Brand overview

United States

In 2000, the Gatorade Company, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, unveiled Propel Water. It emerged as a pioneer in flavored bottled waters that boasted added vitamins and antioxidants. Initially, Propel tantalized palates with three distinctive flavors: lemon, berry, and orange. The core idea behind the creation of Propel was to provide consumers with a water-based beverage that not only surpassed the taste of regular water but also delivered health benefits.

A significant turn occurred in 2001 when PepsiCo incorporated the Quaker Oats Company into its fold. This merger meant that Gatorade, and by extension Propel, could benefit from PepsiCo’s vast distribution and marketing capabilities. Capitalizing on its growing popularity, Propel subsequently diversified its flavor spectrum, introducing refreshing variants like grape and kiwi-strawberry. The brand further tantalized its consumers by launching assorted flavor packs.

By the time 2004 rolled in, Propel had ascended the ranks to become the U.S.’s second-most sought-after flavored bottled water, only trailing Glacéau Vitaminwater. In a bid to amplify its stature as a wellness drink, 2006 saw the debut of Propel Calcium, touted for its potential bone-fortifying attributes.

Come 2013, Propel decided to zero in on fitness enthusiasts. It introduced a specialized sub-brand, Propel Fitness Water, emphasizing hydration during intense physical activities. This was further supplemented by offerings like Propel Electrolyte Water, underlining the brand’s commitment to functionality.

Fast forward to the present, and Propel stands out as one of the top-tier flavored water brands in the U.S. Its brand philosophy pivots on fitness, well-being, and providing a flavorful yet beneficial alternative for those seeking more than just plain water.

Meaning and History

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What is Propel Water?

Propel Water is the name of an energy-infused water that packs a high concentration of beneficial substances with zero calories. The beverage is flavored and comes in bottles with unique labels. The line was launched in 2000 by the American sports drinks and nutrition brand Gatorade. It’s currently produced for the company PepsiCo.

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