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“Brand cosmetics should be applied along the massage lines,” advises the Pupa logo. The emblem is streamlined and smooth, as the contours of the face will become after using the brand’s products. The sign promises a quick, pleasing effect.

Pupa: Brand overview

Founder:Angelo Gatti
Milan, Italy
The Pupa is a cosmetic brand offering products for make-up as well as face and body care. It was founded in 1975 by Angelo Gatti, and is now owned by Micys Company S.p.a. As before, the brand is located in Milan (Italy). Relying on scientific technology and the latest developments, he manufactures products of the highest level and supplies them to 70 countries worldwide.

Meaning and History

Pupa Symbol

The Pupa emblem appeared simultaneously with the launch of the first batch of cosmetic products. Now it is used in the form in which it adorned the labels of the debut collection. The changes concerned only the variety of forms of the same option: with or without an indication of the location, with mirror coloring.

The basis of the corporate logo is bright red. The management considers it to be a key element – a driving force, the energy that allows them to create new images every day. There is the only text on the brand name: the word “Pupa,” sometimes supplemented by the inscription “Milano,” located under the main element. All signs are unique: “P” has a short leg, “U” has wide sidewalls, “A” has a curved crossbar (in the form of an inverted arch).

What is Pupa?

Pupa is an Italian decorative cosmetics brand for makeup. Its founder, Angelo Gatti, created it in 1975. It is now part of the Micys company structure. The products of this brand are supplied to more than 70 countries worldwide. The head office is located in the fashion capital – Milan.

Pupa: Interesting Facts

Pupa Milano, often just called Pupa, is a makeup brand from Italy known for its bright colors and unique packaging. Since the 1970s, it’s been a big name in beauty, and it is loved worldwide.

  1. Italian Pride: Pupa shows off the best Italian style, mixing new ideas with old traditions. It’s all about loving art, fashion, and high-quality stuff.
  2. Cool Makeup Kits: They’re famous for their makeup kits that look like dolls or art, called “Pupa doll” or “Pupart” palettes. These kits are not just for use; people love collecting them because they’re unique and pretty.
  3. Lots of Choices: Pupa makes more than just makeup kits. They have skincare, makeup for all parts of your face, and things for your body. They want to make sure everyone can find something they like.
  4. Always Getting Better: Pupa works hard to improve its products, using the latest science while keeping things stylish and fun.
  5. Bright Colors Everywhere: They love color! Pupa ensures you have many colors, whether you pick lipstick or eye shadow. They want everyone to find a color that makes them happy.
  6. Kind to Animals: Pupa doesn’t test their products on animals. They care about being kind and ensuring their beauty is made the right way.
  7. Around the World: Although Pupa started in Italy, its products are now available in many countries. People everywhere enjoy Italian beauty.
  8. Working Together: Pupa likes to collaborate with fashion designers, artists, and even famous people to create special, limited-time products that are super eye-catching.
  9. Beauty for All: Pupa believes everyone deserves to feel beautiful, regardless of age, skin color, or style. They make products with everyone in mind.
  10. Caring for the Planet: Pupa is trying to be better for the environment by using materials and processes that are more eco-friendly.

In short, Pupa Milano is all about bringing Italian beauty to everyone, making sure there are many choices in what you can wear, and doing it all with a big heart for the planet and animals.

Font and Colors

Pupa Emblem

The emblem uses an individual typeface specially adapted for this brand. All letters in the name are uppercase and have no pronounced sharp corners, except the top “A.” There are no serifs either, so the font belongs to the Sans Serif category. The basic palette of the logo is red and white. They convey the spirit of the brand – passion, attractiveness, and vitality.

Pupa color codes

Pigment RedHex color:#ee1b24
RGB:238 27 36
CMYK:0 89 85 7
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C