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Looking at Quizlet, the logo is clear: the content on the platform is clear, concise, and consistent. Attention is focused on the main points. And each client can take as much time to study as he or they needs.

Quizlet: Brand overview

Founded: January 17, 2007
Founder: Andrew Sutherland
San Francisco, California, U.S.
Website: quizlet.com
Quizlet is an online learning service with an application that contains many tools for gaining knowledge on various topics. Time of its development – 2005th year, date of official launch – 2007th. The creator of the program is Andrew Sutherland. The headquarters are located in the city of San Francisco, California. This web service is currently ranked in the top 50 US sites.

Meaning and History

Quizlet Logo History

The utility’s main task is to provide didactic material, learning in-game and test forms, and monitoring the knowledge gained. The key contingent of users is high school students, college students, and university students. In general, the number of active visitors has long passed the 50 million mark. No wonder that in 2016 SimilarWeb experts recognized it as the fastest growing educational resource.

Currently, its laconic logo is familiar to users in 130 countries around the world. It is available in many languages, including Japanese, Indonesian, English, French, Italian, Dutch, etc. Mastering the material takes place in several modes: Flash Cards, Speller, Gravity, Match, Write and Live. The number of sets of cards has already exceeded 300. The short period of existence of the resource had two minimalistic emblems – the debut and the current one.

What is Quizlet?

This multilingual American service contains educational materials for assimilating knowledge by playing and testing. It was created by Andrew Sutherland in 2005 and only became available to the general public in 2007. Its products: quizzes, tests in electronic format, flashcards, matching games, etc. The head office is located in San Francisco, California.

2007 – 2016

Quizlet Logo 2007-2016

The site started working under a simple logo made up of text only. It had two inscriptions in two rows. The top line was occupied by the educational resource’s name, the bottom – its domain name. The result is a full-fledged email address.

The first word was written in a type with proportionally correct serifs, such as are found in the classic printed text. They are the same length and angled downward. Although the “t” did not have a serif, it was replaced by a diagonal angle at the top. The first character, the capital “Q,” was depicted very interestingly. It had the shape of a large number, “2”. Below was the word “.com” with a dot in front.

2016 – 2021

Quizlet Logo 2016-2021

After the redesign, the logo retained a single “Quizlet” lettering, which received a completely different style. The developers have changed the first letter, so it looks traditional and no longer looks like a two. Simultaneously, “Q” remained uppercase, and all other characters – lowercase, according to the accepted grammar rules.

Another change affected the second row – it is absent in the current version. The rest of the symbols have also been significantly transformed. “T” has no bottom hook, “l” has become a vertical rectangle, middle bar “e” has become horizontal, and smooth “u” looks like an inverted arch.

2021 – today

Quizlet Logo 2021-present

As a result of the update, the first letter in the name of the training service acquired a streamlined shape. Now it is removed both from the image of the number “2” and from the geometric construction, which was the last time. In addition, the developers slightly smoothed out the excessive sharpness of the signs, moved the “t” crossbar, forming the correct cross. At “Q,” the in-letter part of the tail is removed, and only a miniature stroke is left at the bottom right. Another major innovation is the icon. It is represented as a square, colored light blue, and contains the first letter of the name of the Internet service.

Quizlet Symbol

Both official logos contain only text: no graphic elements are used in them. This is intentional to emphasize the content of the application and website. The emblem’s evolution moved from complex to simple, so now there are no serifs or clarifying details.

This is a text logo, so writing style plays an important role. For the debut version, the designers chose a regular typeface with proportional serifs. But the developers changed it so much that it got individual features: “e” with a diagonal line in the middle and “Q,” reminiscent of the number “2”. The second emblem uses a grotesque from the Bill Corporate Narrow Extra Bold category.

The color palette also changed twice. In the first case, a dark blue shade of # 044d9c was taken, and in the second, a deep purple Violet-blue # 4056b3.

Font and Colors

Quizlet Emblem

The old font has been slightly corrected in the updated logo: “Q” has become round, and “t” has got a similarity to a cross. The color palette has changed in the light side, so the blue has acquired a heavenly hue.

Quizlet Emblem

Quizlet color codes

Neon Blue Hex color: #4255ff
RGB: 66 85 255
CMYK: 74 67 0 0
Pantone: PMS 2736 C

What color is the Quizlet logo?

The color palette of the Quizlet logo is associated with two shades of blue. The first version of the emblem used dark blue, corresponding to code # 044d9c. It prevailed until 2021. Then the designers tweaked it by adding purple tones, so the light blue turned into a soft lilac # 4056b3, which is relevant now.

What is a corporate logo Quizlet?

The Quizlet corporate logo is a custom graphic mark that visually identifies an online service. It applies to all related training and test materials.

What is a logo Quizlet?

The Quizlet logo consists of the Internet site’s name and its icon, which is located on the right side. The inscription is made in a geometrically precise font – even with smooth curves and right angles. Personal sign – white letter “Q” with a shortened tail in a purple square.