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The Rapala logo favorably demonstrates the scale of activity and other important characteristics. It is an example of a bright, minimalistic style that reflects the maximum qualities of the brand. The main accent in the presented icon is the coloring. It shows high ambition, quality, courage, and active development. This is how Rapala positions itself, which has become one of the best companies in its segment. The high status is also confirmed by the massive forms of the inscription, which immediately catch the eye and contribute to recognition.

Rapala: Brand overview

Founder:Lauri Rapala
Helsinki, Finland

Rapala is one of the most popular brands in the fishing tackle industry. The range includes baits, accessories, clothing, tools, and different types of knives. All this is made in Helsinki (Finland), where the company’s main office is located. The products are distinguished by excellent performance; therefore, they are also in demand in the international market.

Rapala is a world market leader in the production of fishing products. Such results have been achieved through painstaking work on each type of product, the use of innovative technologies, as well as thorough research and testing. The founders were truly true to their idea, which was evident in every detail. Over time, others came to management but kept the same course; they only made the products perfect.

Meaning and History

Rapala Logo History

Stability in the quality of products was also manifested at the level of visual identity. Rapala has not changed its logo since its inception, indicating an unchanged strategy and adherence to the basic principles laid down at the beginning. In addition, an expressive picture also carries other meanings that describe the manufacturer’s activities. Among them are authority, high status, confidence, and significance.

Rapala Symbol

The emblem now featured on all Rapala products dates back to 1936. It was then that the first products of a well-known company appeared on the market. Founder Lauri Rapala was an avid fisherman and was able to create the world’s first floating bait out of scrap materials. In the future, he made every effort to create a high-quality and comfortable tackle, which had no analogs then. His company boldly declared itself.

What is Rapala?

Rapala is a major fishing tackle manufacturer of Finnish origin. It offers customers different types of lures, accessories, clothes, and special knives. Products are supplied to both domestic and foreign markets. Currently, goods are shipped to 150 countries. The high demand for Rapala fishing products is due to their excellent quality, convenience, and functionality.

This applied not only to products but also to corporate identity. There was a bright, expressive logo on the goods, which consisted of only one inscription. Despite the simplicity and lack of graphic additions, the picture looked stylish. This is how she is now. The absence of unnecessary elements, bright colors, and universal font is fully consistent with modern brand design.

In addition, the logo successfully reflects the unchanging values of the manufacturer, which has been on the market for over 80 years. It was created in the best traditions of minimalism. In the center is a clear, powerful company name without any decorative elements. The laconic design testifies to the focus on product quality, which is a key point in the brand’s activities.

Additional characteristics are also reflected in the colors and font. The color scheme demonstrates energy, courage, progressiveness, and perfection. A harmonious continuation of this line can be seen in the design of the wordmark. For the inscription, a modern font with thick lines was used, which is a symbol of confidence and professionalism.

Font and Colors

Rapala Emblem

The company’s current logo perfectly combines expressiveness and simplicity, modernity and respect for traditions. It is these characteristics that accurately describe its strategy. On a visual level, they are presented through a stylish typeface and bold coloring. The main features of the font are large sizes, straight cuts, uneven line thickness in letters, and unusual cut curves. In addition, the first letter in the inscription is enlarged, which makes the logo playful and memorable.

The overall font style belongs to the modern Sans Serif category, which does not include serifs. In the context of visual identity, it means growth, innovation, and development. Large forms complete this list with confidence and reliability. The color scheme of the logo includes white and deep red. Together they show a balance of new technologies and traditional methods, as well as ambition and energy. These features reflect the philosophy of Rapala to the maximum and show her style of work throughout the entire period of existence.

Rapala color codes

CinnabarHex color:#ef4138
RGB:239 65 56
CMYK:0 73 77 6
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C