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In the setting of a bright, dazzling, and scorching sun, the frames and glasses of the corporation are an islet of pleasant and calm light, safe for the eyes. This message is carried by the Ray-Ban logo. The emblem also hints at products for successful flights.

Ray Ban: Brand overview

Founder:Luxottica Group
Milan, Italy
Ray-Ban is a specialized corporation producing frames and sunglasses. In the 1920s, one of the airplane testers approached the Bausch & Lomb company with a request to create comfortable glasses for pilots, as the existing accessories did not solve the problem of protection from the sun. The prototype was created in 1937. A year later, the company introduced the famous aviators designed specifically for pilots.

Meaning and History

Ray Ban Logo History

The first and only Ray-Ban trademark appeared in 1937, simultaneously with the debut of the American brand. It is a simple inscription without graphic additions. To make it brighter, designers combined contrasting colors: red and white. They also used a font that mimics calligraphic handwriting. The minimalist and simple logo makes the brand recognizable.

Ray-Ban products are adorned with emblems that testify to their originality. On the left lens, there is always an unpainted “RB” engraved in the corner, and on the right – a white “Ray-Ban.” The absence of logos or their low quality indicates a counterfeit. There are also variations with the inscription “Ray-Ban P”. This is found in models with polarized lenses.

What is Ray-Ban?

Ray-Ban is a luxury brand of sunglasses. It was founded in the USA in 1963 and represented a line of special aviator glasses from Bausch & Lomb. This company owns the invention of the famous “aviators” – frames with downward slanted corners and protective lenses made of special glass. In 1999, the Italian company Luxottica Group bought the trademark and moved its headquarters to Milan.

Sunglasses in a metal frame have the manufacturer’s trademark in the center of the nose bridges. In this case, it is made embossed. The signature also decorates cases, cleaning clothes, and other related accessories.

The design of the Ray-Ban emblem reflects the style of the glasses: it is as restrained, sophisticated, and minimalist. The inscription is placed diagonally from bottom to top. This symbolizes the brand’s development, the growth of its popularity, the improvement of technologies, and the aspiration for progress. A large dot between the words divides them into two parts.

Despite the lack of flashy graphic elements, the logo has become fashionable and timeless. Thanks to it, the Ray-Ban name, registered in 1937 at the US Patent and Trademark Office, has gained wide recognition. Sometimes, it is complemented by the slogan “Genuine since 1937”. The phrase is positioned at the bottom to emphasize the brand.

Ray Ban: Interesting Facts

Ray-Ban is a famous brand known for making sunglasses that look good for a long time, work well, and are made nicely.

  1. How It Started: Ray-Ban began in 1937 with a company called Bausch & Lomb. They made sunglasses for the U.S. Army Air Corps, which wanted to protect pilots’ eyes from the bright sun high up in the sky.
  2. First Big Hit – Aviators: The first sunglasses Ray-Ban made were called “Aviator” sunglasses. They were big and shaped like a teardrop to protect pilots’ eyes. These sunglasses became popular, not just with pilots.
  3. Wayfarer Sunglasses: In 1952, Ray-Ban made a new kind of sunglasses called the Wayfarer. They were different because they were made of plastic, not metal. These quickly became very popular, especially with famous people and in movies.
  4. Famous in Movies: Ray-Ban sunglasses have been in lots of famous movies and worn by many celebrities. Movies like “Top Gun” and “Risky Business” made Ray-Ban sunglasses even more popular.
  5. The Ray-Ban Logo: At first, Ray-Ban sunglasses didn’t have the logo on the lenses. But in 1982, they put the logo on them for a movie, and now it’s one of the things people know Ray-Ban sunglasses by.
  6. Lots of Styles: Ray-Ban keeps making new styles of sunglasses, like the Clubmaster and the Round, but they always make sure they still feel like Ray-Ban sunglasses.
  7. Cool Lens Technology: In 1953, Ray-Ban made the green G-15 lens, which lets you see clearly and protects your eyes. They also made lenses that reduce glare, which is great for people who love being outdoors or driving.
  8. Became Part of a Bigger Company: In 1999, Luxottica, a big Italian eyewear company, bought Ray-Ban. This helped Ray-Ban sell its sunglasses all over the world.
  9. Caring for the Planet: Ray-Ban is working on making its sunglasses and packaging more environmentally friendly by using less harmful materials.

Ray-Ban’s sunglasses are more than just for protecting your eyes from the sun; they’re a fashion statement and have been a part of some big moments in movies and culture.

Font and Colors

Rayban Emblem

In the classic version, the white slanted inscription “Ray-Ban” has a red rectangular background. This color combination was chosen not only for contrast but also for its deep symbolism. The red color embodies the emotional sphere, and white represents refinement and purity.

Following the same principle, designers chose an individual font. Simple lines and light curves carry a deep meaning. The inscription looks “flowing,” conveying freedom, dynamism, and energy. Perhaps this is why the Ray-Ban corporation has never changed its corporate style throughout its history.

Ray Ban color codes

Pigment RedHex color:#ea302b
RGB:234 48 43
CMYK:0 79 82 8
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C