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The Razer logo is very unusual and magical. The emblem takes the viewer into a virtual space where even animals have the ability to communicate and complete missions. The sign promises realism and maximum sensations due to the company’s products.

Razer: Brand overview

Founded:January 2, 1998
Founder:Min-Liang Tan, Robert Krakoff
California, United States
Razer Corporation is known for more than just a manufacturer of gaming peripherals. Its portfolio also includes Blade laptops and advanced software, including a game optimizer and an IoT platform. The company also offers several services related to finance: it owns a service for sending/receiving digital payments and virtual lending services. All of this is designed for gamers so that they don’t need anything.

Meaning and History

Razer Logo History

The three-headed Razer snake is known to all esports and gaming communities because it is hard to miss: a bright, poisonous green symbol adorns mice, headphones, keyboards, and other brand devices. In this case, the main logo is the company’s name, depicted in an unusual font. The word “Razer” suggested using Robert Krakoff, who held one of the management positions. He cut himself with a razor blade and decided to immortalize the event but wrote “razor” incorrectly, confusing the “o” and “e.” The misspelled word was included in the brand registration documents.

What is Razer?

It is an American manufacturer of gaming peripherals, laptops, and software for gamers. It was founded in 1998 and is located in San Francisco, California. At first, the company was a division of Kärna LLC, but after its dissolution, it became an independent company.

1998 – 2016

Razer Logo 1998-2016

The Razer trademark originated in 1998 as part of Kärna LLC. It was a small startup focused on the production of Boomslang gaming mice. The logo of that time contained a light green inscription, lined with oblique lines. Each letter consisted of several irregular parts that were slightly offset up or down.

Simultaneously, the brand began using a symbol depicting three black and green snakes – the South African poisonous Boomslang. The executives chose it to show that their computing devices dominate others. After all, snakes by their nature eat mice, which means they can “eat” competitors’ products. Therefore, the reptiles on the logo look like they have already dined on Logitech mice. For the same reason, all Razer gaming mouse lines are named after snakes: Boomslang, DeathAdder, Mamba, and more.

In 2000, Kärna LLC was abolished. After a short break, Robert Krakoff and Min-Liang Tan bought out the brand’s rights and registered the Razer corporation in 2005, leaving the original misspelled name. They also retained the logo and symbol to show the connection between the new enterprise and the old startup.

2016 – today

Razer Logo 2016-present

In 2016, a minor redesign was carried out, which only affected the word mark. The developers chose a new font – more strict, although the same non-standard. Unlike the previous version, here, each letter is delineated and consists of straight lines. Two strokes are missing: a horizontal line in the middle “A” and a vertical line along the left edge “E.” The symbol remains the same as it always was: three snakes, gracefully intertwined with tails.

Razer: Interesting Facts

Razer was started in 1998 by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff and became a major name in gaming hardware and software. They’ve always aimed to meet gamers’ high expectations with innovative products. Here’s a clearer look at Razer’s story and impact:

  1. Early Vision: Founded in San Francisco, Razer aimed to make top-notch gaming products. This city’s tech scene helped shape Razer’s innovative approach.
  2. First Product: In 1999, Razer released the Boomslang mouse, which is notable for its 2000 DPI precision. This made it a standout in gaming mice and set Razer on the path to fame.
  3. Design Awards: Razer isn’t just about tech specs; it’s also known for sleek product design, winning several awards, including the Red Dot Design Award.
  4. More Than Hardware: Razer now offers a wide range of products, including gaming laptops, desktops, and wearables, creating a full gaming ecosystem.
  5. Global Community: Known as “Team Razer,” the brand’s global fan base highlights its popularity and engagement with gamers through events and online communities.
  6. Esports Support: Razer actively supports esports by sponsoring teams and tournaments, helping to professionalize and grow competitive gaming.
  7. Environmental Efforts: Razer takes sustainability seriously, using recyclable materials and running conservation campaigns to reduce its environmental footprint.
  8. Razer Spaces: The company has opened flagship stores and cafes worldwide, offering places for gamers to meet, try new products, and enjoy gaming events.
  9. Helping Healthcare: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Razer made and donated millions of surgical masks, showing its ability to contribute to global issues.
  10. Financial Services: Razer Fintech offers payment and financial services tailored to gamers, broadening Razer’s reach into different aspects of gamers’ lives.

Razer’s growth from a San Francisco startup to a global gaming brand tells a story of constant innovation, a strong community focus, and a drive to excel in the gaming industry.

Font and Colors

Razer Emblem

The Razer logo is shaped like a triskelion. Perhaps this explains why there are exactly three snakes and not two or four. If we interpret the ancient symbol, then its spiral shape personifies the vortex of development, the dynamism of life, the movement of the Sun across the sky. However, a manufacturer of gaming peripherals could have put a completely different meaning into it.

In the original version, the snakes are black and have an acid green outline, but Razer is not afraid to experiment. For Valentine’s Day, the company repainted the reptiles pink, and in honor of the launch of the Mercury White Blade series of laptops, it made the symbol white. The shape of the emblem also changes periodically. For example, in March 2020, a manufacturer split up a snake to show the importance of social distancing during a pandemic. It should be noted that these changes were all temporary – Razer always went back to the original design.

Razer Symbol

The designers combined two fonts in the logo at once. For “R” and “Z,” the usual sans serif is used with lines of the same thickness. “A” and “E” look completely different: they have a stylized outline that makes them look like the Latin letters “Λ” and “Ξ.” By the way, the free Razed font was developed on their basis.

The lettering is the same acid green as the outline of the black snakes. The bright color was chosen because the graphic sign depicts Boomslang reptiles, and all representatives of this species are green in color.

Razer color codes

Electric GreenHex color:#00fe00
RGB:0 254 0
CMYK:100 0 100 0
Pantone:PMS 802 C

What does the Razer logo mean?

The modern logo denotes the company name with the half-extinct E. The iconic sign contains three spiral silhouettes – South African poisonous boomslang snakes, which symbolize the primacy of their gaming mice over any others.

Where is Razer con?

The Razer con with a presentation and review of gaming equipment is broadcast on Facebook and its YouTube and Twitch channels. You can watch them from any working device.

Can I use the Razer logo?

The Razer Cyber logo, slogan, and trademarks may only be used with permission, in compliance with the legal rules for their use, and after an official request has been approved.

What is a Razer computer?

The Razer computer is a high-performance, professional-grade gaming hardware backed by proprietary software support and branded gaming peripherals.