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The RBD logo is royally stylish and majestic. The emblem conveys the spirit of the school where the members of the group study. The symbol emphasizes the talent and noble traits of the young musicians.

RBD: Brand overview

In 2004, the Mexican pop group RBD was formed in Mexico City, comprising actors from the telenovela “Rebelde.” This group quickly gained popularity, becoming famous beyond the borders of Mexico. It was created under the auspices of Televisa, RBD’s music combined elements of pop and ballads, attracting a wide audience.

RBD achieved international success, with their music albums and singles in high demand worldwide. The total sales of RBD’s albums exceeded 57 million copies, and digital downloads amounted to over 17 million. These achievements made RBD one of the most successful Mexican pop groups.

However, in 2009, the group announced its disbandment, and their last concert occurred in Madrid. After RBD disbanded, each member embarked on a solo career. Despite ceasing activities, RBD left a significant imprint on musical history and continues to influence pop culture, remaining in the hearts of many fans.

Meaning and History

RBD Logo History

The identity of the real group is closely intertwined with the fictional events of the series, transporting viewers from the world of film to the stage and back. The ancient heraldic symbols create a spirit of prestige and class division in society, which the band members encounter.

What is RBD?

RBD is a Mexican sextet that rose to fame with the popularity of the series Rebelde, about six teenagers from the Elite Way boarding school. The actors simultaneously played themselves in the film and sang in the real band. In their original lineup over four years, the band sold 15 million records and gained popularity and recognition, becoming the best-selling Latin American music ensemble in history.

2004 – 2008, 2020 – today

RBD Logo

The group’s emblem matches the school crest of the fictional Elite Way, where the teenagers live. The shield shape at the center of the logo comes from the depiction of a stretched hide for drying, a common feature in heraldry.

On each part of the shield, divided into three panels, is written one letter of the name RBD, which is an abbreviation for ReBelDe. The name, translated from Spanish, means “rebels” and describes the situation of the elite school’s confrontation between the wealthiest families and talented scholarship students.

A group of extraordinary and diverse students forms a music band and fights to perform on stage. They rebel against the established rules, parental opinions, and all who oppose their creativity.

The thick black border emphasizes the strict confines within which the students find themselves. The rules of the elite institution limit their activities and dictate how they spend their time.

The shield canvas is held by two rearing lions, borrowed from the ancient Spanish region of León. These lions later became part of Spain’s coat of arms. Since Mexico was a colony of Spain for 300 years, the choice of heraldry for the most elite school and selected group is linked to European monarchs.

The lions are also part of the coat of arms of Mexico City, where the school is legendarily located.

Interestingly, the lion’s image resonates with the name of the school’s main owner, Leon Bustamante, who owns 51% of the shares.

Choosing the symbol of the king of beasts dictates the elite status of the youngsters and their great prospects. Talented students who make it into the program quickly ascend to Olympus.

Above the shield is a schematic representation of a crown, another symbol of power and might. It indicates that the music group and its members are patronized by the powerful.

In 2020, the group recorded “Sempre He Estado Aquí,” and in 2023, they officially returned for several world tours, but with a lineup of 5 musicians.

Font and Colors

RBD Emblem

Black, white, and red colors correspond to the shades of the students’ clothing during different periods of the season. The choice is associated with classic and strict colors reflecting the business world. White shirts, black suits and ties, and red jackets look stylish and expensive.

The palette speaks of the struggle between light and dark, both within the school and within the group members. The red color reflects the rebellious spirit of the young musicians and the strong feelings that flare up in adolescence.

RBD Symbol

The elegant letters with serifs once again emphasize the elitism and extravagance of the institution and, at the same time, the talent and uniqueness of the young prodigies.