RCA Logo


The RCA logo is powerful, strong, and monumental. It makes the viewer look at the letters from bottom to top, seeing the entire scale and scope of the enterprise. The emblem shows that the company has had a significant impact on the entire world.

RCA: Brand overview

Founded:October 17, 1919
Founder:Owen D. Young
United States

RCA was a large radio and television company involved in broadcasting, television, the film industry, military communications, and defense developments. It was dissolved in 1986 but continues to exist as a brand of Talisman Brands, a company that provides usage rights to other companies (Sony Music, Voxx, ON, and others).

Meaning and History

RCA Logo History

During its 90-year existence, RCA changed its logo three times. Each of them reflected a change in the main owners and the expansion of the company’s scope. Two of the three emblems trace the theme of waves, indicating broadcasting as the company’s primary niche. The visual identity ceased to develop and update after the corporation’s dissolution and the death of the organization’s first and main director, David Sarnoff.

What is RCA?

An American conglomerate that stood at the origins of television and radio in America. It developed the first electronic television and color television according to the NTSC standard. In 1986, it was purchased by General Electric and sold in parts. Today, there are ten product lines from different companies under the RCA brand.

1919 – 1923

RCA Logo 1919

In the initial logo, the company’s full name, Radio Corporation of America, is written. Between the first two words is a globe with a large, thin inscription: “Worldwide Broadcasting.”

The image visually reflects the name, demonstrating that American radio is on the air worldwide. The company was created by General Electric specifically to buy and manage the technology of transatlantic radio signal transmission invented by Marconi. At that time, and for several more decades, RCA was the only company with the ability to broadcast to other continents.

At the top of the image, the outline of North America is highlighted to show where radio progress and development come from.

From the Earth, lightning bolts spread in different directions, symbolizing radio waves. The first radio company director, David Sarnoff, began distributing radio receivers and actively engaged in the emergence of various radio broadcasts. This idea of ​​replicating and reaching consumers is reflected in the stripes.

The lightning image connects with a flash, a bright appearance, and instant popularity. It indicates electric radio devices.

1922 – 1968

RCA Logo 1922

1968 – today

RCA Logo

The company has sold over 500,000 color TVs and holds a leading position in this area. The energy of victory, triumph, and ascent to the top is reflected in the brand identity.

The new emblem features the theme of grandeur and monumentality. The three large letters of RCA have no internal partitions. The massive glyphs embody undisputed leadership. The free symbols without closed spaces represent the penetration of television and radio waves effortlessly into every home through any walls and distances.

The internal spaces of the outer letters resemble two TV towers transmitting a signal between them.

The full name is no longer used since the company has long expanded its field of activity far beyond radio. It is now more associated with the abbreviation without deciphering by customers.

Font and Colors

The primary color in the visual sign is black. Combined with the large, bold elements of the letters, it creates an impression of a globally known corporation. The brand’s products are sold on different continents, and the broadcasting system covers the entire world. Dominance and the absence of significant competitors at this stage of development are evident in the shade.

The unique font features the transformation of characters that seem to be bent from strong iron rails. The bright light of television and radio enters people’s lives through the resulting holes.

RCA color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
CrimsonHex color:#d60132
RGB:214 1 50
CMYK:0 100 77 16
Pantone:PMS 185 C