RCB Logo


The RCB logo plays on the full name of the Royal Challengers Bangalore. It has royalty, grandeur, and pride in its heritage. The elitist emblem symbolizes the cricket team’s special position and high status. It also reflects the energy of a team sport.

RCB: Brand overview

Founder:United Spirits and Culver Max
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

RCB is the short name for the popular cricket team Royal Challengers Bangalore, which plays in the Indian Premier League. The club itself is based in the state of Karnataka (Bangalore city), and the team is owned by a large Indian spirits company – United Spirits Limited.

A distinctive feature of the team is the name itself. Royal Challengers Bangalore consists of 2 names: the city and the brand of alcoholic beverages. The identity is also evident in a stylish modern logo that shows energy, purpose, and development.

Meaning and History

RCB Logo History

RCB is quite an unusual team. In the entire history of its existence, it has never won the IPL (Indian Premier League). But, at the same time, the club is not an outsider. Royal Challengers Bangalore consistently performs well and often finds itself in the top five teams. At such moments, a stylish logo with the image of a lion with a crown on its head appears in the ratings.

This strong visual concept depicts the players’ drive and their drive to win championships. The “royal” style is complemented by an elegant color scheme that combines elitism and energy.

2008 – 2015

RCB Logo 2008

The prerequisite for creating the popular Indian cricket club was an announcement by the Cricket Control Board in 2007. It was about creating the Indian Premier League and planning the next year’s competition. As early as February 2008, the teams for the game, including Bangalore, were put up for auction. Her franchise was bought by a well-known businessman who owns United Spirits. From that moment began the history of Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The team received a visual identity and a stylish uniform. In the same year, the first logo was created. It was based on an elegant round medallion complemented by stylish inscriptions. In the center of the badge was an exquisite and, at the same time, laconic monogram. She was surrounded by a thin frame in the form of a small dotted line. Outside the frame was a wordmark in the form of the club’s name.

All letters were made in capital style. Above the medallion was a miniature team coat of arms, decorated with a chic crown. Compared to the logos of other teams, the badge presented was quite complex. But, this reflected the essence of Royal Challengers Bangalore. It was a strong team, which consisted of players with different temperaments and playing styles. Together they complimented each other and adhered to a single strategy.

In addition, cohesion and the desire for success were manifested in perfectly matched colors. Shades of gold, bright red, expressive white, strict black, and tints of silver were chosen for decoration. The central part was made in gold and red, the combination of which evoked associations with the elite, energy, and vitality. The black letters made a successful accent on the name, the white dotted line refreshed the logo a little, and the silver tints adorned the miniature crown.

2016 – 2019

RCB Logo 2016

In 2016, the RCB team continued its journey in cricket and pleased the fan with excellent results. The internal structure changed several times throughout the period as new players joined the Royal Challengers Bangalore. In addition, the changes affected the corporate emblem. In 2016, management decided to update the logo design. The new version consisted of the same base in a medallion but with some modifications.

Dark shades appeared in the inner filling. They favorably distinguished the inner monogram from the word mark in the form of an inscription. The clearer demarcation made the logo more modern and extravagant. The monogram itself has become lighter. Light beige colors replaced the golden hues. The red did not disappear anywhere but remained only along the edges and inside the central circle.

The coat of arms with a crown at the top of the logo has changed to a powerful lion standing on two legs. Such a pose of the animal meant an attack, which conveyed the team’s mood. The players were determined and determined to defeat their opponent. A new font also supplemented the picture. The lines became bolder, and the name was made in a more strict and direct serif font.

2020 – today

RCB Logo

In 2020, there was another renewal of the composition. The team includes promising players who are determined to succeed (Chris Morris, Aaron Finch, Isuru Udana, and many others). Changes in the team and style of play contributed to the change in visual concept. The round medallion that the predecessors had was removed from the logo, and the figure of a lion was also increased.

The changes confirmed the fighting spirit of the team and the mood to improve the strategies of the game. The emblem emphasized that the Royal Challengers Bangalore is a team of real “predators” who are confidently moving towards the goal. The colors of the logo have also changed. It retained black, red, light gold, and basic white shades.

Font and Colors

RCB Symbol

The modern Indian RCB team uses the 2020 version of the logo. This is a vertically oriented icon based on the figure of a lion. The animal stands on two hind legs, and the two front ones are in the air. Below it is a semicircle with a black inscription of the city where the gaming club is based, and even lower is the inscription Royal Challengers, made in white.

The title is underlined with a thin red line at the bottom. For the design of the lion, a light gold color was chosen, which symbolizes flourishing and luxury. The two-level inscription is made in different fonts. The city’s name is written in capital letters, and the lower part is made in the same style but with serifs. A chic combination of color palette and stylish font demonstrates a new level of development of the team and the desire to meet the modern level of sports.

RCB color codes

FawnHex color:#e8b376
RGB:232 179 118
CMYK:0 23 49 9
Pantone:PMS 149 C
Sand DuneHex color:#876f33
RGB:135 111 51
CMYK:0 18 62 47
Pantone:PMS 1265 C
Dark CharcoalHex color:#2b2a29
RGB:43 42 41
CMYK:0 2 5 83
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C
Maximum RedHex color:#dc0014
RGB:220 0 20
CMYK:0 100 91 14
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C