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Despite the variety of activities, the Recaro logo looks minimalistic and austere. It has no decorative elements, frames, or graphic additions. The basis is a single large inscription demonstrating high status, authority, and professionalism. The underlying principles can be seen in every detail. The solid typeface signifies solidity and durability in the market. Stylish basic coloring emphasizes severity, confidence, and high quality. In addition, there is a thematic touch to highlight the products.

Recaro: Brand overview

Founded:1 October 1906
Founder:Wilhelm Reutter
Stuttgart, Germany

Recaro is a large company that owns several brands and acts as a licensor. Under its management, independent companies produce seats for gamers and aircraft seats (Recaro eGaming and Recaro Aircraft Seating). In addition, the brand licensed Recaro Kids and Recaro Automotive Seating to produce car and child seats.

The history of the company began back in 1906. It was founded by Wilhelm Reutter, who initially set up the production of bodies for limousines. For a long time, the brand worked with well-known automobile concerns, including Porsche and Daimler-Benz. But since 1953, the focus of activity gradually shifted to the development of seats. The business began to develop actively, so later, this activity became the main one for the company.

Recaro today is one of the best manufacturers of armchairs in the world. Experts also call it a shining example of successful holdings that were able to achieve incredible results in several directions at once. The company controls the car, gaming, and children’s seat manufacturing firms. In addition, it manages a brand that makes seats for airplanes. Recaro sets certain requirements in each industry that allow it to create high-quality and reliable products.

Meaning and History

Recaro Symbol

A characteristic feature of the holding company is stability in operation, which is confirmed at the level of visual identity. The company has never made any changes in the logo during the entire period of its existence. At the moment, a simple, confident emblem is used without any frills, which the brand used in its initial development stages. The logo reflects Recaro’s founding principles and emphasizes respect for the past.

Since its official launch on the market, the company has been using its strict corporate logo, which reflects all the power and high status of the manufacturer. In addition, the picture carries a special meaning, which indicates the scope of the manufacturer. All this encapsulates a single large inscription in the form of a name. It looks pretty confident and bold by using thick lines.

What is Recaro?

Recaro is a well-known holding company that specializes in the production of seats. The brand owns the Recaro eGaming and Recaro Aircraft Seating lines, which separate companies manufacture. It is also the licensor of the Recaro Kids and Recaro Automotive Seating series. It is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, where some of its production facilities are located. In addition, the company operates a plant in Schwäbisch-Halle, where airplane seats are manufactured.

The shape of the letters is unremarkable. The signs are straight lines that go from rounded to right angles. Brands typically use this style with an excellent reputation and leaders in their segment. This is how you can characterize the Recaro company, so the chosen visual concept was the perfect solution.

But, in addition to the use of standard stylistic approaches in, this logo provided a bright thematic emphasis. Its essence was in the rather dense placement of letters. There is no space between them, so it seems they are connected to each other. In the context of the company’s philosophy, this feature means to support. The letters lean on each other, just as consumers can lean on the reliable seats made by Recaro.

Font and Colors

Recaro Emblem

The Recaro logo is another example of how designers know how to embody the full brand message in a minimal amount of detail. The presented logo uses only one inscription for this purpose – Recaro. It looks stylishly simple and restrained. But, at the same time, the design uses an unusual decorative effect, which makes the logo memorable.

The general stylistics of the font suggests rounded lines, sharp corners, straight cuts, and large letter size. Classical serifs are absent here, which puts this look in the modern category, demonstrating progress, innovation, and development. These features form the basis of the company’s unwavering strategy. In addition, there is a hint of Recaro activities in the font.

It is demonstrated by the absence of spaces, which creates the effect of solid support – the company’s main goal. The logo design uses classic colors, consisting of black and white. The combination of these colors demonstrates authority, professionalism, and high quality, which are the basis of Recaro’s priorities.

Recaro color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C